Is Magneto Gay? Were He & Charles Xavier Lovers?

Is Magneto Gay Were He and Charles Xavier Lovers

Despite more often than not being on the opposing sides, Magneto and Professor X have one of the most interesting dynamics in the Marvel Universe. They both harbor deep respect toward each other despite having vastly different worldviews in regard to the coexistence between Mutants and humans. They often teamed up and were, at one point, the best of friends. This unusual relationship often led fans to wonder whether Magneto was really gay and whether he and Charles were actually lovers.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Magneto was never gay; he was always straight, and his love interests were primarily women.
  • Magneto and Charles Xavier were always good friends only, and there was never anything romantic between them.

Magneto was at one point married, but it ended in tragedy

All superheroes and some supervillains have love interests. Sometimes, those love interests are used as plot pieces, and sometimes, they provide insights into the origin stories of certain characters. Magneto was one of them, as his first recorded love interest was a woman under the name Magda Eisenhardt, whom he was actually married to long before his powers first manifested and before he met Charles Xavier.

Magda and Max met in their teen days, he was a mere Jewish student living in nazi Germany, and she was a lower-class Romani daughter of the school cleaner. Max courted Magda by fashioning necklaces and trying to impress her with his athletic abilities.

In one instance, Magneto won the javelin competition to impress Magda. After the event, he was accused of cheating, expelled from school, and severely beaten by his peers due to being better at sports than his Aryan classmates.

young max and magda

Following the breakout of World War II, Max and his family sought refuge in Warsaw, and his connection to Magda was seemingly lost forever. Max even worked as a smuggler for a time to help his family and in hopes of meeting Magda somewhere, but no such thing happened until he was brought to Auschwitz.

Jews were not the only ethnicity targeted by the Nazis. A large number of Europe’s population of Romani and Slavs was also eradicated. And unfortunately, Max reunited with Magda in Auschwitz. After smuggling food for her for a while, he managed to save her from certain death, and they escaped, settling somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains and living a simple life.

Magda and Max reuniting

Max also hired a competent forger who granted him a new Romani identity, that of Erik Lehnsherr, so he could assimilate better among Magda’s people.

Still, after some time, he was getting restless, living a simple life, especially after he and Magda were married and had a daughter under the name Anya. Magneto moved his family to the Soviet City of Vinntysia, where he found a good-paying job. But trouble followed him wherever he went.

Magnetos daughter Anya

First, he attacked his boss at work after his powers manifested for withholding his lawfully earned pay. Then, the inn that he and his family were staying in was engulfed in flames, and Magneto wasn’t able to get to his daughter, who was trapped in the burning building. He attempted to use his powers to save her but was stopped by the KGB, which came to arrest him for using his powers.

Magnetos Daughter dying

Magneto watched as his daughter died right in front of him, and as a result, he killed people who stopped him from saving him and destroyed a large portion of the city as well.


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Seeing all of that, Magda ran away from Magneto, scared and traumatized. She didn’t want to be associated with him any longer and instead opted out to brave the wilderness. She presumably died due to exposure to the elements somewhere in Transia. Magneto searched for her for some time before finding out the truth. She was allegedly pregnant with Pietro and Wanda at that time, but over time, this proved to be a lie.

Magneto was never gay in the comics, as he was always associated with women

Magneto’s first famous relationship ended in tragedy, and the second most notable ended in one as well. Magneto was also romantically involved with the wife of a pilot called Suzanna. Suzanna and Magneto had an affair, and she gave birth to a daughter named Lorna Dane, who will eventually come to be known as Polaris.

Suzanna’s husband eventually found out what she had done and that Lorna wasn’t really his child. He took both Suzanna and Lorna to the skies so Suzanna would be forced to tell the truth. After Arnold started yelling at Lorna due to intense stress, her powers manifested, which were similar to those of her father, and she tore the plane apart, killing both her mother and her stepfather.

Suzzana and Arnold Dane arguing Polaris

The intense magnetic pulse that Lorna summoned drew Magneto to her location, where he found her and wiped her memories of the incident, relocating her to Arnold’s sister and her husband so they could raise her properly far away from mutant drama.

Why do people think that Magneto and Professor X are romantically involved?

The relationship between Magneto and Charles is often a topic of discussion in the community, and there’s really nothing to it except for the fact that people are reading too much into certain panels. Is the idea of every close male friendship so alien to people that they automatically have to be gay?

It was never canon that Magneto and Charles were romantically involved, and there’s nothing to indicate it except for exceptional reaches when it comes to interpreting some of their various interactions. They have a close bond and an intense friendship. They have a history of cooperation, conflict, and deep understanding of each other.


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They are portrayed as rivals, enemies, and friends but never as lovers. They do have ideological differences and a shared history but they never had a romantic relationship, both of them being conventionally attracted to women and both having notable histories with various women.

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