Is Peacemaker in ‘Blue Beetle’? Could He Be Making a Cameo?

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We know that Blue Beetle is set to make its DC cinematic universe debut this year, and we are all excited about it, especially after the trailer was just recently dropped. In that regard, there’s a good chance that this movie will be part of the new regime of DCU under the leadership of James Gunn, who was the man responsible for the success of the Peacemaker series. So, considering that Peacemaker is the best James Gunn DC product as of this writing, is there a good chance he might be in Blue Beetle?

It is unlikely that Peacemaker will be in Blue Beetle because the story is likely to focus on Jaime Reyes instead of other DC characters. However, because of the temporary relationship between Blue Beetle and Peacemaker in the comics, the possibility of Peacemaker being in the movie is still out there.

At this point, anything is still possible regarding James Gunn’s DCU because there is no steady and concrete plan for this fictional cinematic universe as of this writing. As such, we may see Peacemaker appearing in the upcoming DCU movies, but such a possibility is slim. So, with that said, let’s look at whether or not Peacemaker will be in Blue Beetle.

Peacemaker and Blue Beetle Relationship Explained

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie was a success and was the film that introduced Peacemaker into the DCU. The character’s popularity allowed Gunn to work on a series based on John Cena’s Peacemaker. As such, Peacemaker became an even more popular character due to the ridiculousness of the plot of the Peacemaker series. But this show allowed us to see what Gunn could do with such an obscure character.

In that regard, we know that Gunn is now at the helm of DC and is looking to develop a new DC cinematic universe. But we also know that there’s an upcoming Blue Beetle movie, which already has a trailer. At this point, we aren’t really sure where Blue Beetle falls in the DC cinematic universe that is looking to get a reboot with Gunn’s own vision. Still, even though Gunn may or may not have a direct hand in the events of the Blue Beetle movie, we can’t deny the possibility of Peacemaker and Blue Beetle meeting somewhere down the line because this has been done in the comics before.

We know that Jaime Reyes, the one in possession of the Blue Beetle Scarab, is a younger superhero who is still learning more about his powers and the different capabilities of the Scarab to become the best kind of hero that he can be. But while he isn’t as popular of a hero as the main guns of the Justice League, he is still a well-known character that needed a mentor to teach him the ins and outs of what it was like to be a hero.


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Unfortunately, Jaime found an unlikely mentor in one of history’s most obscure DC characters. Yes, we are talking about Peacemaker, who we know is a character that isn’t necessarily a hero in terms of the way that he operates but still tries his best to make the world peaceful in whatever way he can. As such, in the comics, there was a storyline wherein Jaime Reyes worked with Peacemaker in a weird mentorship relationship.

BlueBeetle Peacemaker

Peacemaker once worked as a mentor to the younger Jaime, who needed someone that could help him become a better hero. Of course, Peacemaker isn’t the best person for the job, but he still contributed a bit to the development of Blue Beetle as a hero in his own right. As such, as obscure as it may sound, Peacemaker and Blue Beetle have worked together in the comics. And that means it doesn’t sound weird for them to work together in the DCU.

Could Peacemaker Be Making a Cameo in Blue Beetle?

At this point, you might think that one of the best things that DC could do is include existing Gunn-era characters in the new movies that introduce new DCU characters. In contrast, that may sound like a good idea for showing fans that the different characters in DCU are connected, but that probably isn’t the case for the upcoming Blue Beetle movie.


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As mentioned, Blue Beetle may or may not be part of the Gunn-era DCU. As such, if it isn’t part of the Gunn era, that would mean that there is almost no chance that Peacemaker could be making a cameo in the movie, especially because we know that standalone DCU movies tend to focus more on the main characters in the film. Of course, Peacemaker could still make a short and simple cameo in the film to establish a connection between him and Blue Beetle. Still, we don’t see him appearing in the movie because the movie is supposed to introduce Jaime Reyes and his character.

But suppose Blue Beetle is indeed a part of the Gunn era of the DCU. In that case, there might be a chance that Peacemaker would be in the movie because we know that connections are everything for characters in the same cinematic universe. Nevertheless, we just don’t see how Peacemaker could contribute to Jaimie Reyes and his storyline in the movie, especially when you consider that Peacemaker is still one of the D-list characters of DC. In contrast, Blue Beetle is certainly higher up on the list.

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