Is ‘Secret Invasion’ for Kids? Parent’s Guide & Age Rating


Only a few hours stand between us and the release of the ‘Secret Invasion‘ series, the newest in the lineup of Disney+ Marvel-inspired shows set in the MCU, as a part of phase 5. ‘Secret Invasion’ is bound to loosely adapt the famous comic-book storyline, and we’re certain that the series will appeal to a wide range of fans, but what about kids, is ‘Secret Invasion’ suitable for kids? What do you, as a parent, need to watch out for? Well, this is what we’re going to cover today as we give you a breakdown of the ‘Secret Invasion’s’ official rating. 

‘Secret Invasion’ is rated TV-14 and PG-13 per MPA guidelines. This means that the show will be appropriate for kids aged 14 and up. You can expect a moderate amount of violence and adult themes as well as some strong language, thrown in for good measure, but it’s nothing that teens can’t handle. For kids younger than 14, it depends on the parents, but official guidelines strongly advise against letting younger children watch ‘Secret Invasion’ without parental guidance. 

Now that we’ve covered the official rating for ‘Secret Invasion,’ it’s time to analyze what to expect in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Is ‘Secret Invasion’ scary? What can you expect? 

‘Secret Invasion’ follows Nick Fury as he uncovers a large conspiracy against humanity plotted by a group of renegade Skrulls that plan to take over Earth. Skrulls are able to shape-shift, and via this ability, they can assume the identities of the most powerful people on Earth and consolidate their power. 

The central themes of the show will definitely be aliens, science fiction in general, as well as paranoia, but the show doesn’t seem to be especially scary. Tense? Yes. Action filled? Yes. But the show is not horror by any reasonable criteria, so you shouldn’t expect jump scares, gore, body horror, and anything similar. Official classification of the show marks it as an action-adventure and spy thriller, and this is something that can give you a better insight into what to expect. 


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Will ‘Secret Invasion’ be violent & gory? 

Secret Invasion is a superhero show, first and foremost. It’s a spiritual adaptation of the famous Marvel storyline ‘Secret Invasion,’ and considering this, you can expect a moderate amount of violence. There are bound to be scenes that are focused explicitly on violence and everything that goes with it, such as weapons, blood, visuals of damaged body parts, etc.  

‘Secret Invasion,’ however, will not be gory. Expect a normal amount of gore that is usually associated with violence, but it is not the primary focus of the show at all. The main purpose of the violence is to present the conflict as realistically as possible without going to great lengths to depict injuries in exaggerated detail. 

Strong language & ‘Secret Invasion’: What to expect 

There will probably be some strong language included in the dialogues, but nothing exaggerated. Once again, realistically, in a situation such as this, you would expect to hear some cussing here and there. Expect words like “a**,” “a**hole,” “s*it,” d**n,” and similar. There may be some milder insults included as well, but nothing that you don’t hear in real life and nothing especially shocking and inappropriate for 14-year-old and older kids. 

It’s perfectly fine for such shows to include strong words, especially when it’s not overused and its context-appropriate. 

Will ‘Secret Invasion’ have adult themes? 

You can absolutely expect adult themes in ‘Secret Invasion.’ There’s plenty of death depicted on screen, plenty of conspiracy theories as well as mentions of warfare and the holocaust, and there may be scenes that involve the consumption of alcohol or at least consumption is implied through context. 

There will be an extremely low amount of sexual content with nothing too explicit and inappropriate for teens. The show is not a romance by any means, and it wouldn’t make too much sense to include explicit scenes in the show. 


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So, is ‘Secret Invasion’ appropriate for kids?

‘Secret Invasion’ is, as per official guidelines, appropriate for kids 14 and up. Your biggest worry should be violence, but again, it’s completely normal to include conflict in series with themes such as these. Children younger than 14 should watch the series with parental guidance, mostly due to its themes, and quite frankly, they might not be able to understand the nuance of what they see on the screen, and some things might go over their heads.

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