Is ‘X-Men ’97’ Heading To Big Screen? Directors Would Like That

X Men 97 Just Teased a Controversial Romance Between Two Major Characters

‘X-Men ’97’ has been a major success for the studio, the show debuted with 100 % on Rotten Tomatoes and has kept consistently high ratings, being praised by fans after every single episode, especially episode 5.

We know that the studio has pretty big plans for the show, with season 2 already in production and season 3 being in development. The sky is the limit. Recently, fans have called for the showrunners to take over the development of the upcoming ‘X-Men’ live-action reboot, as the current quality of the show far surpasses anything we’ve seen in the MCU in the last few years, with few notable exceptions.

In their recent interview with Inverse, show’s directors Chase Conley, Emi Yonemura, and Jake Castorena discussed the show’s possible future, and they are open to pretty much anything, especially animated movie based on the show.

First off, it would be a slam dunk. I think that would absolutely be something the audience would want to see, and we would want to be a part of.

Conley also added that with a movie comes a bigger budget which would allow them to really improve upon the animation.

Emi Yonemura thinks that the potential ‘X-Men ’97’ animated movie could rival some of the greatest animated pieces in the last few years, holding out high hopes for their own project:

It feels like we’re already making movie-level animation and events. But just to have that budget and time then to make it a full feature, and to kind of do what Spider-Verse and the recent animated Turtles movie did… One of our influences was ‘80s and ‘90s Japanese animation, Akira. Ghost in the Shell. Those levels. It’s like: Hey, you want to give us the money and budget to do that for you? But for X-Men ‘97? Gladly.

Castorena himself revealed that he doesn’t want to stop if the studio doesn’t want him to stop and that he loves his current job security.

Oh, I love job security. I think myself and the entire team would love to keep doing this. Seven seasons and a movie. Let’s go!

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