Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif Wants To Team Up With Iron Man in the MCU: “I Really Like Iron Man”


‘Thor: Love & Thunder’ was released almost two years ago. The movie was notoriously trashed by both critics and fans due to being too campy, considering the overall themes of the film.

Plenty of characters in the movie got a new beginning, including Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif. Lady Sif almost died in the movie, fortunately she was healed on time and only lost an arm. Currently, the character is in New Asgard she began training Heimdall’s son, Axl Heimdallson, and other children along with Valkyrie.

‘Thor 5’ is currently in development with Chris Hemsworth set to return, there have been rumors that Valkyrie will return in the sequel as well, the last we saw of her was in ‘The Marvels’ where she hinted at having a romantic relationship with Carol Danvers.

Now speaking at Superhero Comic Con Jaimie Alexander seemingly has something else in mind. The actress said she would very much like for Lady Sif to team up with Iron Man.

I really like Iron Man. The flirtation would be funny because I think Lady Sif would punch him in the face.

Iron Man is dead, having died in ‘Endgame‘ in one of the most emotional superhero finals in the history of the genre, however, the latest introduction of Multiverse technically allows RDJ’s Iron Man to return to the MCU, through a variant.

Robert Downey Jr. himself confirmed that he would return as Iron Man, as he considers the role integral to his DNA, which is understandable considering that it resurrected his career. There have been rumors that he will return in ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’ The project is said to be of epic scope and will include more than 60 characters.

Would you like to see Lady Sif team up with Iron Man? Let us know in the comments below!

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