‘Thor 5’ Reportedly Gets a 2025 Filming Update as the Studio Intensifies Search for Writer and Director

Thor love and thunder failure

There are over 30 projects rumored to be in development and scheduled to be released sometime in the next two years, and ‘Thor 5’ is one of them, at least according to the rumors that are getting louder and louder. Recently, Taika Waititi commented on the possibility of him helming the fifth God of Thunder movie in the MCU, and he shrugged it off, saying that it’s really not on his schedule at the moment.

Fans breathed a collective sigh of relief, even though the director is responsible for one of the best Thor movies, he’s also responsible for one of the worst Thor movies.

Now both Hemsworth and the studio confirmed that ‘Thor 5’ is in development, but virtually nothing is known about the project except that it’s happening. Daniel Richtman notable scooper and leaker however brings some news.

According to his sources, the film is slated to start filming in the fall of 2025, and the studio is actively looking for a writer and director.

According to some past rumors, the studio did learn something from the ‘Love and Thunder’ fallout.

Some months back it was rumored that the tone of the upcoming ‘Thor’ will be much darker, with the studio even looking to nab Gareth Edwards to direct the movie. The most recent round of rumors comes from HolyField News. The film is anticipated to undergo a tonal shift, with Thor revisiting Valhalla to attain extraordinary abilities once again. Fans can also expect the long-awaited appearance of Beta Ray Bill.

Rumors suggest that Thor Corps and Amora the Enchantress may also make their MCU debuts in the film. While Amora is a significant villain from the comics and is expected to tie into Secret Wars, Thor Corps is likely to introduce a multiversal aspect to the story.

The inclusion of Thor Corps is especially important for the upcoming ‘Secret Wars.’ However the movie turns out to be, it can’t get worse than campy Gorr.

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