James Gunn Confirms Timeline Changes in Production of DCU Projects

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With the release of ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ DCEU was finally retired and Gunn’s and Safran’s DCU took over. We’ve known for years up to this point that DCU will closely follow the example set by the MCU and that the cinematic universe will consist of several phases or rather “chapters.” The first such chapter in the DCU was announced to be ‘Gods & Monsters.’ The first project released as a part of ‘Gods & Monsters’ will be ‘Creature Commandos’ but Gunn already stated that ‘Superman: Legacy’ will be the unofficial start of the new DCU.


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Obviously, the first project to be completed would have to be ‘Create Commandos’ for the show to be released before ‘Superman’ but when it comes to other projects, Gunn recently confirmed on ‘Threads’ new production timeline for the projects following the Superman movie. According to the latest information, ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 will be shot simultaneously with ‘Superman’ and ‘Waller’ is following soon after. The correct in-universe timeline was also confirmed by Gunn as he stated that the events of ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 will take place after ‘Superman’ and the events of ‘Waller’ will take place after the events of ‘Peacemaker’ this is quite a change after the project was initially marketed as ‘Peacemaker’ Season 1.5 and it was supposed to be a prequel.

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The new emphasis put on ‘Peacemaker’ however isn’t surprising since Gunn commented several times how it’s one of his favorite projects and he is jumping into it as soon as he wraps up his work on ‘Superman.’ Gunn also confirmed that despite Season 2 officially taking place in the DCU, Season 1 is not canon to the new cinematic universe, he clarified that there will be an in-universe explanation for it and that everything will be tied neatly.

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