DC’s Creature Commandos: Potential Release Date, Cast, Plot & More


James Gunn and Peter Safran have a challenging responsibility ahead of them as they embark on a new chapter in the DC Universe (DCU). After a series of controversies, the DCU is set to undergo another major overhaul with the announcement of a new lineup of films and TV shows. In the previous year, it was announced that James Gunn and Peter Safran would be at the forefront of this new chapter in the DCU, and since then, additional details about the projects they are currently working on have been made known to the public. One of the revealed projects is the upcoming animated series Creature Commandos, a team of military superheroes, and we’re going to use this opportunity to tell you everything about the potential release date, cast, and plot. 

Creature Commandos is a seven-episode animated series that follows a great but under-represented team of superheroes active during World War II. The release date is so far unknown, but it was revealed that the series would arrive on Max sometime in 2024, and it’s at the stage where the cast is being selected. We can expect the voices of the upcoming series to appear in the live-action projects in the new DCU since Gunn and Safran want to create an “interconnected universe” with actors that people can truly connect with. 

Now that we’ve covered the gist of what the Creature Commandos animated series is, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us.  

Editor’s Note: This post is regularly updated to provide you with the latest updates regarding the upcoming DCU projects.

Creature Commandos brings a well-known DC’s team into the spotlight 

The Creature Commandos team can be described as a bizarre and supernatural Justice League. The team was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Pat Broderick and debuted in Weird War Tales #93 back in the 1980s. The team is a collection of bizarre and strange characters that tackle various events during World War II. At first, imagined as an anthology following a different story in each issue, some characters amassed certain popularity and became recurrent things. Now the team is brought into the spotlight with the announced animated series. The animated series will kick off what is known to be a new chapter in the DCU called Gods and Monsters. With the name of the first phase, we know what to expect.  

DC’s Creature Commandos plot 

DC’s Creature Commandos will deal with a team of military superheroes set in World War II. What makes Creature Commandos different from other similar superhero teams is that the Commandos are a product of the so-called Project M., a secret program involving experimental biotechnology and necromancy. 


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The Creature Commandos were created as part of Project M, a secret laboratory located beneath the Statue of Liberty. Led by renowned scientist Professor Mazursky, the project aimed to create a team of super-powered soldiers that could inspire fear in enemies through their frightening appearance. The initial team consisted of three army officers who volunteered for the transformation – Warren Griffith, Vincent Velcro, and Elliot Taylor – and a fourth member, Doctor Myrra Rhodes. The team members were transformed into monster-like beings that resembled a werewolf, a vampire, the Frankenstein Monster, and a fourth, undisclosed creature.

Creature Commandos

As you can see, the team puts a heavy emphasis on the supernatural and macabre, and they were heavily involved in a fight against nazis through the means of inspiring fear in their enemies, and much the same will probably hold true for the animated series as well. 

In the upcoming animated series, Gunn already announced what the team’s rooster would be. It consists of seven main members: Rick Flag, Sr. (a recurring part of the new DCU), Nina Mazursky, Doctor Phosphorus, Eric Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, G.I. Robot, and Weasel. 


In terms of plot, so far, we’ve only been introduced to the characters. The exact plot remains unknown. The lead character in the animated series will be The Bride of Frankenstein. 

DC’s Creature Commandos cast 

James Gunn revealed he’s already done with writing the series, and the show is currently at the stage of choosing voice actors. So, in terms of cast members, nothing concrete has been revealed, only the fact that the voice actors will play the characters in other projects as well in an effort to create a new and interconnected universe. 

“What we’re doing with the DCU is we’re having animation tied directly into live action. Television, movies, and games all intertwine within the same universe. We’re going to cast actors that are going to be able to play the characters in this, as well as in other things, some of which we’ve already cast. I’ve written all seven episodes of this show, and it’s in production now.” 

We can expect voice actors to return to play the characters if the need for the live-action equivalent arises. Gunn emphasized that he wants the cast to be recurring in the attempts to create an interconnected universe that feels like the same universe rather than a lot of completely different timelines.


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Creature Commandos: potential release date 

Along with other information James Gunn also revealed that he is done writing the series, all seven episodes are finished, and the series is currently in the process of casting voice actors. Gunn also revealed on his Twitter that the series is expected to air on the Max streaming service sometime in 2024.

The Creature Commandos animated series is in the early stages of production, and the release date probably won’t be anytime soon. The only announced projects with a confirmed date are Superman: Legacy, scheduled to be released on July 11, 2025, and The Batman – Part II (Elseworlds), scheduled to be released on October 3, 2025. Creature Commandos is going to be among the first released projects.

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