James Gunn Denies a Popular ‘Superman: Legacy’ Rumor

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Whether you like it or not, it’s a fact that the DCEU reboot, officially called DCU, is imminent. DCEU has suffered several box-office failures in a row, and it’s pretty likely that the same fate awaits the last two DCEU movies; ‘Blue Beetle’ and ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.’ With some many problems, Warner Bros. Discovery and DC Studios can only hope for a good start of DCU to make all those DCEU problems worth something.

James Gunn has already announced the first five DCU movies and five TV shows that will be set in DCU’s Chapter 1, titled Gods and Monsters. While the first DC project will be the upcoming animated series ‘Create Commandos,’ which will premiere on Max next year, the official opening of DCU will be ‘Superman: Legacy,’ written and directed by Gunn.

James Gunn says he never said the Authority would appear in ‘Superman: Legacy’

Gunn previously confirmed that ‘Superman: Legacy’ will not feature Clark Kent’s origin story but will focus on his early years as a reporter at Daily Planet. While some previous rumors mentioned that Superman: Legacy might not only introduce the newest cinematic Man of Steel but also some additional DCU characters, Gunn now shared on Threads that might not be the case.

After ‘Superman: Legacy,’ the second DCU movie will be ‘The Authority,’ which will depict the titular team of superheroes with extreme and cynical methods. Previous rumors claimed that some members of the team would be first introduced in Superman: Legacy ahead of their own movie.

However, while answering one of his followers on Threads, James Gunn said that he never said that the Authority would be present in ‘Superman: Legacy’ in any way, which can mean two things: either those rumors made that up, or Gunn is trying to cover up the movie’s potential spoilers.


The Complete Authority Comics Reading Order: Get Ready for the Movie!

There hasn’t been a standalone Superman movie since 2013’s ‘Man of Steel,’ and it’s definitely time for another one. As we already know, there was no place for Henry Cavill’s Superman in this new franchise, so David Corenswet will play the next cinematic Man of Tomorrow, and the Primetime Emmy Award winner Rachel Brosnahan will play Lois Lane.

Apart from ‘Superman: Legacy,’ four other movies that we can expect from DCU are: ‘Swamp Thing,’ written and directed by James Mangold, ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ directed by Andy Muschietti, ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,’ and ‘The Authority.’ There are also five TV shows in development, including ‘Lanterns,’ ‘Paradise Island,’ and ‘Waller,’ in which Viola Davis will reprise the title role.

‘Superman: Legacy’ is set to begin production in January 2024, and the movie is scheduled to be released on July 11, 2025.

Are you looking forward to ‘Superman: Legacy’? Do you think the movie should immediately introduce more DCU characters or just focus on Superman, for starters? Let us know in the comments.

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