James Gunn Responds to Popular Conspiracy Theory Regarding ‘Superman’ & Henry Cavill: “I Had No Interest in Running DC”


More than a year ago, James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC Studios as Co-Producers and Co-CEOs, despite DCEU severely underperforming, fans were disappointed and angry. Mostly due to the universe being completely rebooted despite having a few hits among a lot of failures.

Safran and Gunn announced a slate of movies, among them being the new live-action ‘Superman’ bound to be released in 2025, and this is actually the root of this conspiracy theory, everything starts and ends with ‘Superman.’

Following the release of ‘Black Adam’ no one expected the movie to flop to such an extent, and a post-credits scene teasing Cavill’s Superman was included in the movie. A sequel to Man of Steel was planned and it was planned for Black Adam to be a large part of DCEU going forward.

When the movie flopped the execs at WB decided to pull the plug on the whole universe, despite Cavill being told to share with fans that he is returning as Superman to the cinematic universe. Several weeks after that, the studio decided to fire him announcing to the world that they had no such plans in place, the plans they did have did not include Black Adam and Cavill’s Superman.

Naturally, James Gunn took on the brunt of the hate, and various conspiracy theories evolved stating that as soon as he was hired to do ‘Suicide Squad’ and ‘Peacemaker’ he always had an interest in rebooting the DCEU and pushing out all the former actors.

One statement made by Nathan Fillion recently only solidified those conspiracy theories, Fillion stated that he found out about his role as Guy Gardner in ‘Superman’ at the ‘Suicide Squad’ release party.

Fans used that as a “gotcha moment,” to prove that James Gunn was planning his own ‘Superman’ movie way before anybody outside was aware of it.

Now James Gunn addressed this conspiracy theory on Threads, stating that Fillion is mistaken, he found out about playing Guy Gardner at ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ release party, (Fillion played the role of Master Karja in the final installment). He also further clarified that he did pitch his ‘Superman’ story earlier than we were aware of it, but it was always known that it was going to be a different story, that presumably doesn’t involve Cavill.

He also stated that he simply had no interest in running DC until Safran joined him to deal with executive stuff while Gunn focused on creative stuff. Here’s the full statement:

You can read the full discussion following this link.

Gunn’s story does check out if Fillion made did mistake ‘GotG’ release party for the ‘Suicide Squad’ party, and it also makes sense that Gunn never intended to take over DC until it was offered to him. While back he also stated that he never exactly pitched Superman’s story to the WB execs, he was approached with a possible deal. Hmm?

What do you make out of it? Let us know in the comments below!

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