James Gunn Reveals How He Got To Direct ‘Superman: Legacy’: “ I Didn’t Pitch, It Was Offered to Me”

James Gunn Reveals How He Got to Direct Superman Legacy I Didnt Pitch It Was Offered to Me

With the start of the new year, we can look forward to the start of a new cinematic universe based on DC characters – DCU. And while DCEU ended its run with a somewhat successful ‘Aquman and the Lost Kingdom, ‘ the fact still remains that the majority of the movies have flopped. This is why Gunn and Safran were called in to take over the reins of the newly rebooted DCU, and they have plenty of projects on their release calendar, but none is as talked about as ‘Superman: Legacy,’ a true beginning of DCU despite the fact that ‘Creature commandos’ are releasing first.

Gunn always likes to answer fan questions on various social media; most of all, he likes debunking rumors and leaks, and recently, he answered how he got the Superman gig. When asked what made Warner Bros choose his pitch, Gunn answered that, surprisingly, it was offered to him, but he wasn’t ready to accept the deal until he made sure he got the right story. He pitched his idea to trustworthy people around him, and well, ‘Superman: Legacy’ was born.

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The upcoming film, ‘Superman: Legacy,’ directed by James Gunn and produced by Peter Safran, explores a younger version of Superman as a reporter. The story revolves around Superman’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human family in Smallville, Kansas. Gunn and Safran consider it the true beginning of the DC Universe. Gunn, who became co-CEO of DC Studios in November 2022, prioritized Superman, leading to the announcement of a new film with a release date of July 11, 2025.


James Gunn Has More Than 90 % of Cast Locked-in for ‘Superman: Legacy’

Gunn draws inspiration from the comic book ‘All-Star Superman.’ David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan are cast as Superman and Lois Lane. Filming is set to begin in March 2024 at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, with an expected completion in July. The film will introduce members of the Authority and other superheroes, including Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner, a Green Lantern.

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