James Gunn Reveals the Kindest Fandom, and It’s Not DC’s


Ever Since James Gunn took over the reins of DC Studio alongside Peter Safran, it’s not been an easy ride. Safran and Gunn presented their Chapter 1: Gods & Monsters plans over a year ago, and despite production being underway for several important projects, Gunn still faces criticism on social media almost daily.

Most backlash is generated toward the upcoming ‘Superman’ production. So far the movie has been criticized for having a cheap cast, too few Asians in the movie, and having cheap sets. Most criticism however was targeted towards Superman’s suit which according to loud fans on social media “looks cheap, rubbery and is ill-fitting” for Corenswet’s Clark Kent.

Despite this, you will never see Gunn argue on social media even if he is quite active on both Threads and Instagram. He often answers fan questions and debunks rumors related to productions of DC’s projects. Recently, he was asked about the kindest fandom in the world of entertainment and Gunn had a perfect diplomatic answer, revealing that the kindest fandom in his experience is that of horror movies.

I find that most fandoms are overall very kind – it’s just the loud voices of social media that make it seem otherwise. But, overall, I’d say horror movie fans are the kindest.

As we’ve already mentioned if anybody has experience with toxic fans it’s James Gunn. Gunn did not become the target of online toxicity only recently with DCU, he was targeted by MCU fans in the past as well. Gunn also lost his job with Disney due to a series of offensive and extremely dangerous jokes targeted toward children, which political journalists reported on due to Gunn’s criticism of Donald Trump on social media.

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