Fans Call Out Gunn’s ‘Superman’ for Being “Cheap” (Again): “What in the Discount Walmart Budget Is This?”

superman legacy costume

It appears that every announcement about James Gunn’s upcoming ‘Superman’ reboot sparks controversy. The usual complaint is that it looks “cheap” and low-budget and not on the level of prior productions that most often included very expensive locations, shots, and costumes.

Now, an image of Kent Farm in the upcoming movie surfaced and fans have been ruthless on social media.


‘Superman’ is currently being filmed in Georgia, as it was expected in several locations during the months of May and June. One fan posted on social media that the movie is filming close to him and I have to admit that’s pretty exciting. The user also shared what appears to be a first look at Superman’s house aka Kent Farm, and fans didn’t like it all that much.

The farm was called cheap, Walmart quality, CW-budget production, run-down, and plenty of other innovative things.

In my personal opinion, the comments are an overreaction and the farm looks fine. It definitely suits the style of someone humble and an average farmer. But the choice of Gunn’s location definitely confirms a pattern and the tone of the movie, that the production of the movie overall will be more down-to-earth and humble, not cheap, but humble, and that we can expect his version of Superman to be the most “humanized” version yet.

As I’ve already mentioned before, this is definitely not the first time that Gunn’s production was called out for being cheap. The first controversy happened during Superman’s suit reveal where fans pointed out creases in the suit and criticized Superman’s pose as being too laid-back.

The suit apparently looks “too cheap” and “too rubbery” and not something that an alien from an extremely advanced civilization would wear. Then there’s the controversial casting of Mama and Papa Kent.

Pruitt Taylor Vince was cast as Jonathan Kent and Neva Howell as Martha Kent, Superman’s adoptive human parents, in the upcoming reboot, and some of the fans hated that the actors are in all honesty, D-list ones. Once again personally I don’t get it, why do characters with presumably relatively little screen time need to be A-listers? Do we need yet another box-office bomb because the movie itself set an unrealistic standard for earnings since it’s budget was bloated from the start?

The latest ‘Doctor Strange 2’ example showed us that even a movie that earns a billion could cast doubt on how financially successful it was simply due to its starting expected earnings being too high due to a bloated budget.

What do you think? Is Gunn’s approach good? Let us know in the comments below!

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