Now Hitting, Tom Hardy and Venom…On Deck, Jared Leto and Morbius

Jared Leto and Morbius Movie

We’ve wondered where they will begin. Does Sony finally put Silver and Black into motion? Do they pay fan service and begin working on a Kraven Movie? Or do they strike while the iron is hot and let Jared Leto run wild with Morbius?

In short, Morbius is on the way. Without any sort of delay, Sony looks to be giving the Academy Award winning actor his shot at establishing their universe.

This isn’t the least bit shocking.

First, Morbius has a large fan base that has been patiently waiting for his big screen debut. When it was announced that Leto was taking the role, many rejoiced, myself included. Aside from the fan base, there is no shortage of people scooping up any copy (no matter the condition) of Amazing Spider-Man 101 (his first appearance) in hopes that they will strike gold.

Second, Jared Leto is, as mentioned an Academy Award winner. Those don’t come along too often…especially in comics. If Sony plans to expand their universe, (which they do) doing it with an Academy Award winner is a good place to go. A method actor who is known for taking on the strange, Jared Leto will certainly bring the “it” factor to the role. It’s as though Jared Leto and Morbius are meant to be together.

Third, Sony can’t afford to wait to see how October 2018’s Venom does. They have made far too many mistakes in the past and they need to ride the publicity that Venom is garnering while its there. If they chose to wait, it could end their hopes of a shared universe before it even has a chance to get off the ground.

Patience is a virtue

Fans, have been patient for the better part of a decade for Sony to get it right. Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man movies were ok. The Amazing Spider-Man, both 1 and 2 were critical and commercial failures. The on and off again Silver and Black has lost most interest. And worse yet, Tom Holland destroyed it as Spider-Man in the MCU. 

Jared Leto As Morbius

Sony, for all it is trying to do, needs to get things on the right path. What separates them from their competition is that they are in a very unique position. Unlike the other studios producing comic book movies, Sony is using their villains as a way of creating a shared universe. 

The villains, for as great a job as Marvel Studios has done, is their one glaring deficiency. Sadly, with the exception of Loki, Hela, Zemo, and Kilmonger, they have been paper thin. The villains have had no reason for doing what they do aside from the over used “world domination”. By choosing to focus on the villains, Sony has the opportunity to do what Marvel has not been able to do.

I remain skeptical all that Sony will get this right. History is the greatest teacher and theirs isn’t too kind. Even still, I remain hopeful that they will. Besides with Jared Leto and Morbius, they couldn’t go wrong, could they?



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