Javier Bardem Is Currently a Frontrunner to Play Galactus, According to Rumors

Javier Bardem Is Currently a Frontrunner to Play Galactus According to Rumors

‘Fantastic Four’ is currently the hottest upcoming MCU movie regarding rumors about potential castings. Casting Marvel’s first family is not easy, and there were plenty of names thrown around regarding the leads.

Now it seems that the story regarding casting Reed Richards has come to an end, with Pedro Pascal reportedly signing up for the role. Pedro Pascal is a busy guy! He’s got the ‘Gladiator’ sequel and Season 2 of ‘The Last of Us’ lined up, along with Zach Cregger’s ‘Weapons’ in 2024. Originally, it wasn’t clear if he could squeeze in a Marvel shoot next year due to his packed schedule. However, recent developments, possibly related to strikes, have opened up a window, and they’re figuring out the details before the holiday break.

Just a reminder: Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Driver were mainly considered for the role, but both were too expensive, according to Jeff Sneider and since ‘Fantastic Four’ has budgeting issues in the first place, they decided to go for the most affordable and popular option currently – Pedro Pascal who not only checks the diversity box, he is also one of the hottest actors currently. 

The casting choices for Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm are also under wraps at this moment, but fans strongly suspect that Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bachrach are tied to the roles, respectively. 


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When it comes to Sue Storm, it’s been widely reported that the role will go to Vanessa Kirby. Emma Stone was the first choice, but once again, she asked for too much money, apparently.

Now, the last role that fans can’t stop speculating about is the Galactus himself. It’s been widely whispered that the role of Galactus will go to Antonio Banderas, but it seems that the studio has found a new worthy contender who is, at the moment, even the frontrunner for the role. We’re talking about Javier Bardem, who is at the moment busy shooting the F1 movie, and by the time he plays Galactus in ‘Fantastic Four,’ the work on ‘Dune: Part II’ will be long done. 

In any case, it seems like an interesting choice for the role. Javier Bardem’s is filled with hits, earning acclaim for his performances in films like ‘No Country for Old Men’ and ‘Biutiful.’ His notable works also include playing the villain in ‘Skyfall’ and the romantic lead in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona.’

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