Vanessa Kirby Comments on Her Rumored Role in the Upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’

Vanessa Kirby Comments on Her Rumored Role in the Upcoming Fantastic Four

MCU has several movies on its upcoming slate, and besides ‘Deadpool 3’ which is currently the most anticipated movie, the ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot is easily the second most talked about project.  

Marvel’s first family will finally join the MCU, and all eyes are turned in the direction of Shankman, who took over the director’s role from Watts. We’re truly hoping that the original series won’t repeat itself. 

The casting for ‘Fantastic Four’ is still under wraps. Many names have been thrown around, and a lot of fans were confused about the fact that Krasinski apparently won’t reprise his role as Reed Richards despite fans considering him a perfect cast. Some other names that have been thrown around regarding Reed are Adam Driver and, most recently, Jake Gyllenhaal, who is rumored to be the first choice. 

When it comes to playing Sue Storm, several names were mentioned, among them Maggot Robbie and Vanessa Kirby, even though Vanessa at the moment seems like a likelier choice, especially if you take into consideration her latest statement during the premiere of ‘Napoleon’ in Paris.  

Oh I don’t know you’re going to have to ask them. I would be very honored to join. 

Kirby responded when asked about her role as Sue Storm. And it’s not what she said. It’s the way she said it. In any case, the rumors of Kirby playing The Invisible Woman are getting louder by the day. 


Sue Storm, Lois Lane, Mary Jane Watson, and Catie Scott

The casting choices for Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm are also under wraps at this moment, but fans strongly suspect that Joseph Quinn and Daveed Diggs are tied to the roles, respectively. 

‘Fantastic Four’ is scheduled to come out on May 2, 2025, if the movie keeps its current release schedule amidst all other reshuffling. 

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