Huh…Does This Mean That We Will See John Cena As Captain America?

Huh…Does This Mean That We Will See John Cena As Captain America?

“Hustle. Loyalty. Respect.”

Three words that are as good as any to live ones life by. John Cena has spent the better part of his life preaching these three words and so much more. He’s done it inside the wresting ring through his undeniable work ethic. He’s done it in cinema with his never give up attitude. And he’s done it with Make-a-Wish each time he grants a terminally ill child a wish.

John Cena is what many should aspire to be. He works hard at what he does, tries to be the best version of himself, and never forgets to give back to those who have supported him along the way.

Which is why when he posted a message on Instagram showing only Captain America’s shield, it seemed to fit. He is, for everything he’s done, a real-life version of Captain America.

Chris Evans

It’s no secret that Chris Evans time as Captain America has come to a close. He recently tweeted out a message thanking everybody for their support, effectively bringing his time to an end. From the moment he picked up the shield, many, including myself, have speculated who might pick it up after him.

John Cena as Captain America

The obvious choice is either the Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes or Sam Wilson. Both characters, at one point or another in comics, have carried the shield when Steve Rogers couldn’t. However, with Bucky taking on the role of the White Wolf inside the MCU and both characters slated to have television spin-offs on Disney’s streaming service, questions have arisen.

Could John Cena’s message elude to more than appears? If his message means anything, might the MCU be getting ready to embrace John Cena as Captain America?

The message

Wrestlers transitioning from wrestling to acting is more prevalent now than ever. Both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Dave “The Animal” Bautista have successfully made their way to Hollywood. Jona Cena is following suit. To date, he has landed roles in Ferdinand, Blockers, and is set to appear in Bumblebee.

And you know what?

He wasn’t that bad. He’s not as polished as Dwayne Johnson but he also hasn’t starred in nearly as many blockbusters.

If John Cena were to land a role in the MCU, Captain America may be the perfect fit. He already embodies what Steve Rogers stands for and Marvel is known for taking on actors looking to make a name for themselves. I look at you Dave Bautista, Chris Pratt, and even Robert Downey Junior to a lesser extent. By know means where any of these, at the time of their casting, household names. 

If it does happen, it’ll be interesting to see the once wrestlers take on the character. That and it’ll be fun to watch Captain America give the Red Skull an “Attitude Adjustment”.

Or maybe I’m way off base and he just likes the look of the shield…



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