‘Justice League: Warlord’ Movie Earns TV Rating ‘R‘ for Bloody Violence

Justice League Warlord Movie Earns TV Rating ‘R‘ for Bloody Violence

DC Animated Universe Original Movies are getting a new animated project, which will be released sometime during the summer of 2023. Fans are really excited about the tenth installment of Tomorrowverse, a collection of interconnected animation movies and other projects, which will be titled Justice League: Warworld. The upcoming project will continue the story of Tomorowverse, which kickstarted with the standalone animated movie Superman: Man of Tomorrow, released in 2020.

Since Justice League: Warworld will be released in the summer of 2023, there are reports of the movie getting the “R” rating for the bloody violence included in the project. Now, this isn’t the first time a DC animated project is getting “R” TV ratings since DC Animated Movie Universe project, Justice League Dark: Apokalips War, did it before in 2020.

However, that particular movie was the ending of DCAM Universe, where many characters got injured or died. Some fans thought the gore and graphic scenes were excessive for the Justice League-focused storylines, but in the end, the movie achieved what it wanted to and served as a solid ending of one universe.

Tomorrowverse is a franchise that serves as a successor of the DC Animated Movie Universe and is currently an ongoing continuity in DCAMOM. This might be complicated at first, but it really isn’t – DCAMU is done with the Justice League Dark: Apokalops War, and DCAMOM continues its story with Tomorrowverse.


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However, despite some connections between the universes, DCAMOM and DCAMU are not canonically connected since there is no concrete proof nor no one from the creators acknowledged the previous continuity. The whole thing is complicated, but we will probably see some resolutions in the future.

Rated “R” TV ratings aren’t that uncommon in animated projects, with the Invincible animated series setting a precedent with animated gore in the mainstream media and DC following that trend. To be fair, comics were always more graphic than visual media, and seeing more of that content in the animated universe is cool to see.

Nevertheless, Justice League: Warworld will be the tenth installment of the Tomorrowverse, with a TV rating of “R” for bloody violence. The movie will follow the Justice League, who get swept into the Warworld, a place of brutal gladiator combat, where Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and more will have to join forces to defeat the vicious forces and simultaneously save the planet.

Justice League: Warworld will have a star-studded cast with Jensen Ackles as Batman, Stana Katic as Wonder Woman, Darren Criss as Superman, Ike Amadi as Martian Manhunter, Troy Baker as Jonah Hex, and more. The movie will be released this summer; frankly, we cannot wait for another graphic animated DC movie to continue the story of Tomorrowverse.

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