Kahhori, MCU’s Newest Superhero Just Got Revealed, Accidentally


MCU is expanding left and right, with new superheroes and superheroines popping up with each new film and series. However, we usually find out about them either when the trailer drops or when the newest installment of the MCU actually comes out.

Well, this time, it seems there was an accidental leak of the newest superhero to be introduced into the MCU, and probably for the first time, we’re getting an original MCU superhero that hasn’t appeared earlier in Marvel Comics. And, oh, how unexpected the source of the leak is.

Who’s the MCU’s newest leaked superhero?

The new superhero in question, it seems, will be named Kahhori and will appear in the upcoming second season of Marvel’s hit animated TV series, ‘What If…?’. The accidental reveal, apparently, came on a Funko Soda can where the character was revealed, along with two different Funko figures of the said character.

The figures include glitter and glow versions of Kahhori, but it’s still unclear whether that glitter and glow will reflect the character’s superpowers in any way or not.

As for Kahhori’s characteristics, the character seems to be of Native American heritage, with face paintings, traditional woven clothing, and three feathers in her hair. We speculate that the character will appear in the new season of What If…?, as it is indicated on the side of the Funko Soda can that’s soon hitting Walmart shelves across the US.

Fans seem really excited about the news, as it adds another dimension of diversity to the MCU and representation that is always more than welcome. Kahhori will be the second female superhero of Native American heritage after Echo appeared in Hawkeye and is now getting her own show

Although technically, Echo isn’t strictly a hero, and we still don’t know officially what kind of a character Kahhori will be, it’s safe to assume that she will be the newest hero in the MCU, at least in an alternative, What If…? Reality.


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Does Kahhori appear in Marvel Comics?

A character named Kahhori, sharing the same features as the accidentally leaked new MCU character, does not exist in Marvel Comics, meaning it’ll be a completely new character originally created for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It’s rare for the MCU to introduce completely new characters that don’t exist in the comics, especially new superheroes. They sometimes adapt and reinvent comics characters to be completely different from the comics (as they did, for instance, with Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S.), but hardly ever do they invent a completely new character as Kahhori.

That being said, it has actually happened before. For instance, Phil Coulson was completely originally created for the MCU (that is, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). So was Scott Lang’s friend Luis, portrayed by Michael Pena, although Luis was added to the comics later on as well due to the character’s sheer popularity.

So, Kahhori might still be the first actual superhero created for the MCU, even if it is only in a What If…? scenario.

When is What If…? Season 2 going to premiere?

Even though What If…? Season 2 is announced to premiere in early 2023, there’s actually still no official release date for the fan-favorite animated show. The announcement still stands, and seeing we’re well in March right now, one has to believe it’ll arrive sooner than we thought.

Especially right now when merchandise for the new season is already coming out – and delivering such big accidental reveals. On top of the new character rumors, we know several other things.

The season will have nine episodes in total, the first of which will be called ‘What If… Captain Carter Fought The HYDRA Stomper?’ There’s also confirmation that Captain Carter will ‘develop’ a certain relationship with Uatu, aka the Watcher.

Also, we know that a certain episode involving Gamora and a Sakaaran Iron Man was supposed to be a part of Season 1. Still, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the production was postponed, and the episode was pushed to Season 2.

And finally, we know that this season of action will feature one episode that’ll be an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Marvel 1602.

So, we know a lot, but we know nothing about the date, the plots, or the epic new character (which, by the way, was not officially confirmed by Marvel Studios). All we can do is wait until What If…? Season 2 arrives.

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