Kalibak The Cruel: Bio, Origin & History

Kalibak the Cruel DC

Real Name: Kalibak

First Appearance: New God’s #1 (February, 1971)

Powers: Is immortal, possesses superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and durability.

Affiliation: Darkseid’s Elite

Did You Know? Kalibak is the son of Darkseid

A Little History

Created by the legendary Jack Kirby, Kalibak made his first appearance in New Gods #1 back in February of 1971. 

He is the firstborn son of Darkseid and Suli. Shortly after his birth, Queen Heggra, the at the time ruler of Apokolips, ordered that Suli was to be killed. She did this because Suli and Darkseid conceived a child outside of wedlock. 

After the death of Suli, Darkseid was forced to marry Tigra. Once again Darkseid conceived a child. This child was vastly different than his first, Kalibak. This one, Orion, was traded to the Highfather for Scott Free and spent his life fighting his own brutal tendencies all-the-while trying to keep peace in the Galaxies. Before the trade, however, he and Orion spent their time battling one another for very different reasons. While Orion often fought for good, he unsuccessfully fought for his father’s approval. 

Over time, he worked to become the most skilled warrior in Darkseid’s army. In fact, with hard work and determination, he did become the most fierce warrior on Apokolips. As a reward, Darkseid placed him in his Special Forces unit. While in the Special Forces Unit, it was apparent that Kalibak the Cruel was the most savage, terrifying, and brutal warrior Apokolips had ever seen. 

As Darkseid’s son, he is his second in command. This means that when Darkseid isn’t on Apokolips or is unable to rule, Kalibak is left in charge. More than that, if Darkseid should fall in battle, it’s Kalibak the Cruel that would ascend to the throne. 

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