Ms. Marvel – Kamala Khan: Bio, Origin & History

Kamala Khan Origin

Real Name: Kamala Khan

First Appearance: Captain Marvel #14 (September, 2013)

Powers: Kamala is a polymorph. This means she can grow, shrink, and expand her body to any size and shape imaginable. As such, she had been able to carry heavy objects. As a shapeshifter, she can also change her form to any being she can think of. 

Affiliation: Avengers, Secret Warriors and the Champions

Did You Know? Kamala Khan is the first Muslim superhero in Marvel to receive her own comic book.

A Little History

Kamala Khan hails from New Jersey and is youngest of two children in a Pakistani family. She spent her adolescent years idolizing superheroes and fantasizing about being one. Of all the superheroes in the Marvel Universe, she found herself most wanting to be Carol Danvers and joining the Avengers.

Kamala Khan is the creation of many top minds at Marvel. She first appeared back in 2013 inside the pages of Captain Marvel 14. Since her debut she has attracted a large fan base and has been given her own series.

Kamala was a typical teenager with typical teenage problems. Of all the problems she had, however, fitting in was something she could never find a solution for. In fact, at one particular party she spent the evening doing her best to fit in. Like many times before she was unable to and ultimately left the party. 

This particular walk home was different. Instead of simply walking home and calling it a night, Kamala was exposed to the recently released Terrigen Mists. Her exposure did two important things. First, it encased her in a cocoon. Second, after she was released from the cocoon, she learned that she was an Inhuman and now possessed a set of powers. While in the cocoon, Kamala was approached, in dream, by her idol, Carol Danvers. Carol asked her who she wanted to be and she quickly responded, you. 

When she awoke, she was wearing the black costume that Carol had worn in years past and could now shape shift. This meant that Kamala could not only now change her appearance, but she could also bend, shrink, and grow her body at will. With the opportunity to now be a superhero like Carol, she changed her name to Ms. Marvel and began thwarting evil. 

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