Kang vs. MCU’s Heroes: Which Avenger Can Beat Him?


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will introduce a new formidable villain to the MCU, Kang the Conqueror. Throughout his long history in the comics, he clashed with Avengers quite a few times, and some of them managed to defeat him fair and square. We don’t have much to go off currently in terms of Kang’s abilities in the MCU, as the villain is yet to be formally introduced to the cinematic universe with the upcoming Ant-Man movie.

However, this does not stop us from comparing him to some of the MCU’s mightiest heroes, both new ones and the ones that sadly won’t be joining phase 5. Kang’s multiversal time manipulation powers are his strongest attribute, and he has the potential to overshadow Thanos as MCU’s most destructive villain. If it comes to that, which avenger could potentially beat him?

Kang vs. Thor

Kang and Thor clashed in the comics before, and Thor won, albeit with great consequences. The Asgardian God of Thunder might not be smart enough to outwit Kang, but he certainly packs enough raw power to stand up to him. Thor is now mightier than ever. He is stronger, faster, and more durable than Kang. He also has centuries of fighting experience when compared to Kang. When it comes to the clash between the two, Thor would probably walk away victorious.

Kang vs. Black Panther

The version of Black Panther that Kang would be facing in the current MCU is Shuri, and things don’t look as good for her. She comes quite close to Kang in terms of her intelligence. However, she lacks the raw power to defeat him. Wakanda has some impressive tech at its disposal, and who knows best to utilize it than Wakanda’s lead scientist?


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No matter how enhanced her powers are, Kang’s armor from the 40th century is simply a superior piece of tech. Her energy projection skills, speed, and durability, come nowhere near to that of Kang.

Kang vs. Captain America

Steve Rogers will not be returning to the MCU as he has managed to get his own happy ending by manipulating the timeline. But if he did, would he be able to take down Kang? Steve Rogers, like Kang, doesn’t have any inherent superpowers.

He relies on his Super Soldier serum, which puts him at the peak of human performance and drastically improves his physiological processes. Kang, on the other hand, has futuristic armor that simply trumps Super-Soldier serum in terms of strength and durability. The only thing through which Captain America could win are his combat skills.

Kang vs. Hulk

Kang the Conqueror once clashed in the comics before, when Kang used his extensive time-traveling abilities to return in time and kill one of Hulk’s ancestors. This was a smart move since Kang predicted that Hulk could be a future threat to him, and for a good reason. Hulk managed to defeat Kang, and he could likely do the same in the MCU. Hulk’s strength is legendary, and his durability is unparalleled. Kang has nothing in his arsenal to deal with him.

Kang vs. She-Hulk

Jennifer Walters might not have her cousin’s intelligence and durability. But she’s not that far behind. When it comes to energy projection, she does not have what it takes to defeat Kang the Conqueror, but in terms of raw strength, she might be able to trump even the mightiest of MCU’s heroes. The fight would, however, likely end up in Kang’s favor due to his extensive planning. He would find a way to dispose of her and quickly.

Kang vs. Dr. Strange

This would be an interesting match-up, and the fight could go either way. As a master of the mystic arts, Dr. Strange has similar abilities to Kang. What he lacks, however, is Kang’s enhanced physique. While Kang relies on his futuristic tech, Dr. Strange relies on his extensive skills with magic. And ultimately, his supreme mastery of mysticism might prove to be too overwhelming for Kang the Conqueror.

Kang vs. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is among the strongest avengers when it comes to her potential energy output. She is not a stranger to multiverses, and as of the Multiverse of Madness movie, her destiny is currently unknown. She might likely return to spice things up for Kang the Conqueror and might be the one to put him in his place. She has the ability for it, as she has proven herself over the course of her stories to be incredibly destructive.

Kang vs. Spider-Man

Like many heroes on this list, Spider-Man and Kang fought in the comics before, and it always ended up in favor of Spider-Man. But things might turn out differently in the MCU. We’re not sure what kind of powers Kang will have, but if we’re going by his comic-book powers, Spider-Man truly has nothing to counter him with except for his superior agility.


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Kang vs. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is an MCU powerhouse and one of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe in general. Her extensive military training, superior combat skills, and incredible energy projection skills might prove to be enough to stand against Kang the Conqueror, as she would likely win the match-up. Her human-Kree hybrid physiology gives her enough durability to tank just about anything that Kang can throw at her.

Kang vs. Iron Man

We know that Iron Man won’t be returning as an Avenger, given his sacrifice in the Avengers: Endgame, but we still think that it’s an interesting comparison to make, considering that both Iron Man and Kang extensively rely on their technology. Both are extremely intelligent, and both have some unimaginable pieces of technology at their disposal.

However, over the course of the MCU, we witnessed some pretty insane feats in terms of what kind of power can Iron Man’s suits dish out and what they can tank. The only aspect that Iron Man lacks is the fact that he doesn’t have anything in his arsenal to counter Kang’s reality-altering abilities.

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