Keke Palmer Reportedly Being Eyed for a Big Role in the MCU, and Fans are Already Pissed

Keke palmer role mcu

We know that MCU has plenty of projects in the works that fans could be excited about, and despite treating their older character poorly in the last few years, it seems that the studio is hellbent on introducing a plethora of new characters as well.

According to most recent rumors shared by notable scooper and leaker Daniel Richtman, Keke Palmer, an actress and singer, is being considered for a major role in the MCU.

While we can feign ignorance and follow the common sense of “waiting and seeing,” we can’t deny that the first role that Keke could play that falls on our mind is that of Rouge. As you probably know if you follow various social media, Keke has been a number one fan casting for the role for quite some time now. Since the rumors of X-Men finally being introduced to the MCU via their own live-action project are getting louder, it’s not so unreasonable to expect that Keke is being eyed for the role of one of the most notable mutants.

Keke herself even acknowledged the fan cast via fan art that showcases her as the mutant.

She also expressed her interest in the role asking Marvel directly to be cast as Rogue.

That’s confidential, sugar. No, I’m kidding. I don’t know. I just know that the fans, the way that the fans have me booked, honey, online, I got to do a gig every week. So if we’re adding Marvel to it, hey, let’s do it. I’m ready for Rogue.

Keke being cast as Rogue would honestly surprise no one, so when the rumors started spreading that Marvel is looking to get in touch with her, the fandom once again had extremely polarized reactions. Some were overjoyed, feeling like the studio listened to them for once, and some met the news with fury.

Some observations are legitimate even if they aren’t presented as nicely as we would have hoped. The fact remains all of this is unconfirmed and in my opinion, Keke wouldn’t be a good Rogue in the first place.

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