Kevin Feige Rejected Ryan Reynolds First ‘Deadpool 3’ Pitch

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‘Deadpool & Wolverine’ is currently the most important MCU release for several reasons. The movie is generating incredible amounts of hype due to being the movie that brings Deadpool to the MCU, having Wolverine and lots of cameos in it, and being the MCU’s first “R” rated movie.

Surprisingly enough, not all plans for the movie paid off. In a recent interview for Empire, Reynolds revealed that he rejected the original ideas he had for the movie.

Ryan apparently wanted to make a large-scale movie in a small way, and it wasn’t something that Feige had seen being successful.

It was a Rashomon story about Wolverine and Deadpool and something that they got into together, but told from three completely different perspectives. It was a way to make a large-scale movie in a very small way. I went back to the drawing board, and I wrote up about 18 different treatments. Some of them almost like a Sundance film, a budget of under $10 million, sort of using the IP in a way that they previously hadn’t used, and I pitched bigger movies, and I pitched things in-between.

Feige himself admitted that Reynolds had “25 different ideas” but the Marvel boss was only worried about how to incorporate Deadpool and other mutants into the MCU, which as time passes by is proving to be a Gargantuam task.

“I was very much thinking about how to bring mutants and the X-Men into [the MCU], and I thought it needed to be more than just playing the hits. But the truth is, Ryan is an idea machine. So he may have pitched that to me, but he also pitched 25 other thoughts and ideas.

Karan Soni recently revealed that one of the ideas for ‘Deadpool 3’ included the gang traveling to the North Pole to save Christmas. Although it does sound like a hilarious premise, I don’t think it would align with Feige’s vision to incorporate mutants and Deadpool into the MCU in the right, serious way.

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