’Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything Else We Know

’Kite Man Hell Yeah!’ Potential Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything Else We Know

DC is working hard these days, with James Gunn and Peter Safran making sure every new content makes sense for their “revive” of the DC Universe, including listening to fans’ wishes. ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’, the animated comedy series, has been rumored for years and was planned as the spin-off of another DC animated project ‘Harley Quinn.’

Once a forgotten character and a laughing stock among the DC fans, Kite Man became a fan-favorite after appearing as the villain during the DC Rebirth arc and as the recurring character in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show in 2019. Kite Man-centered animated series got its first teaser, and this article will cover the release date, plot, and everything else we know about the project.

Kite Man was once a forgotten character who eventually became a fan-favorite

Besides the hilarious atmosphere and incredible characterization, ‘Harley Quinn’ showrunners used the chance to introduce a few forgotten characters from the vast collection of DC Comics. Snowflame, King Shark, and others became fan favorites, including Charles “Chuck” Brown, also known as the villain of Batman, Kite Man.

’Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’: Potential Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything Else We Know
Kite Man (right) had a brief appearance in ‘Batman: Rebirth’ in 2017 and, since then, has been a fan favorite.

Kite Man first appeared in DC Comics in 1960 and was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang. Like most of the DC’s Golden Age and Silver Age characters, Kite Man was forgotten among the many powerful supervillains and was even mocked by the fans for its funny theme and weaponry. However, that changed when the character briefly appeared in the DC Rebirth arc story titled ‘The War of Jokes and Riddles,’ in which Riddler and Joker are in a war.


‘Harley Quinn’ Season 4 Review: Harley Tries to Be a Hero in This Hilarious New Season

The great backstory and actual characterization made Kite Man a really interesting character. Of course, the ‘Harley Quinn’ show made Kite Man even better. The first, second, and brief season three appearances made Kite Man such an enjoyable character. He was in a relationship with Poison Ivy, and eventually, the pair got engaged. However, when Harley Quinn and Ivy realize they are in love with each other, Kite Man breaks up with the Plant Lady and lets her go.

‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ premise

Kite Man moved on from Poison Ivy, and in season three of ‘Harley Quinn,’ we learn that he started dating Lisa Snart, also known as Golden Glider. The two bonded quickly and shared their love of gliding to the air.

While in season three of the original series, we saw the “glider” couple just getting together, ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ will feature Kite Man and Golden Glider taking their relationship to the next level – by opening up a bar near the Legion of Doom headquarters, called “Noonan’s.”

’Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’: Potential Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything Else We Know

The bar was always a hangout spot for villains, so it would be interesting to see characters interacting together and Kite Man being the owner of the business. From the teaser, we learned that Darkseid would try to invade the Earth once again, and the main characters, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy will have a cameo in the ‘Kite Man’ show.


‘Harley Quinn’ Spin-off ‘Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!’ Just Got Its First Teaser

This is all we know for now, and until the whole trailer drops, we won’t know much more than that.

‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ confirmed and potential cast

The cast of ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ will see the return of many characters from ‘Harley Quinn’ show. The main cast includes Matt Oberg as Kite Man and James Adomian as Bane, with Oscar-nominated actress Stepanie Hsu taking over from Cathy Ang as the voice of Golden Glider.

’Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’: Potential Release Date, Plot, Cast & Everything Else We Know
After a brief love triangle, Kite Man and Harley didn’t like one another but mended their differences in season three of ‘Harley Quinn’ show.

From the teaser, we learned that more characters from the original series will return. Those include Natasia Demetriou as Malice, Janelle James as Queen of Fables, Jonathan Banks as Noonan, Keith David as Darkseid, Michael Imperioli as Joe/Moe Dubelz, Rory Scovel as Gust the Goon, Judith Light as Helen Viligan and Lance Reddick as Lex Luthor.

Kaley Cuouco’s Harley Quinn and Lake Bell’s Poison Ivy will appear in at least one episode of the ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ show and later let other characters shine.

‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ release date

First of all, we don’t know the exact date ‘Kite Man: Hell Yeah!’ will be released, but we know the year. ‘Harley Quinn’ official account confirmed on social media that the spin-off will release its first ten episodes in 2024.

The episodes will be released on the MAX streaming platform, and knowing that the fifth season of ‘Harley Quinn’ is getting close to being renewed, we will have two adult comedy animated series from DC Studios.

This is exciting news for fans of DC animated projects in the coming years.

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