‘Harley Quinn’ Spin-off ‘Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!’ Just Got Its First Teaser

‘Harley Quinn’ Spin-off ‘Kite-Man Hell Yeah!’ Just Got Its First Teaser

DC Animated Universe just got a new project on the horizon. After the success story of ‘Harley Quinn‘ series, we just got a new teaser for a spin-off series, ‘Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!,’ that will feature Kite-Man after his tenure within the original series. This is exciting news for the fans of the DC Universe since the character “stole” the show during his tenure in ‘Harley Quinn’ series and his appearance in the DC Rebirth arc in the comics, where he became a fan-favorite.

It seems that James Gunn and Peter Safran are working really hard to upgrade the quality of content within the DC Universe, and it’s good to see they are listening to fans and their reactions to the characters. ‘Harley Quinn’ just ended its fourth season, and recently, we got the confirmation that the fifth season is in development, meaning that we will have two comedy DC animated series on air in the future.

‘Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!’ is a long-awaited DC project that fans wanted

When ‘Harley Quinn’ started airing in 2019, DC fans were charmed with how the showrunners put a parodic spin on the most notable DC characters and ensured they weren’t fundamentally different from what they are in the comics.

Surprisingly good premise, story, and characterization made ‘Harley Quinn’ one of the success stories for DC Universe in the last few years, but what impressed the fans more was the series’ supporting and recurring characters.

Snowflame first comes to mind – a character that was mocked by the fans for its absurdity for years became a great addition to the ‘Harley Quinn’ series. Of course, the cocaine villain isn’t the only “older” DC comics character who was “revived” in the show.

Kite-Man has a turbulent history in DC Comics, and his powers that revolve around kites and joking gimmick are what put him in the “forgotten” pile of many DC supervillains. However, Charles Brown got his big break during the DC Rebirth arc, in the story ‘The War of Jokes and Riddles,’ where we get the character’s background and layered characterization.

Kite-Man got an instantaneous cult following, and his appearance in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show only strengthened fans’ love for the character. The upcoming project was discussed in 2022 when HBO Max announced they ordered a spin-off series of DC’s Harley Quinn, which will be centered around Kite-Man, and the show will have ten episodes.


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The upcoming MAX Original production changed its name from ‘Noonan’ to ‘Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!’ – the current and final name of the show references Kite-Man’s famous catchphrase from the DC comics.

The teaser showcases Kite-Man after Poison Ivy left him for Harley Quinn, his new life as the owner of the “Noonan’s Bar” and his new girlfriend, Golden Glider. The teaser showed us what we can expect from the series, and it looks really good and absolutely hilarious.

Besides Kite-Man and Golden Glider, we will see more returning characters from the original series, like Harley Quinn, Bane, the supervillain Darkseid, and more. There is much to discuss about the upcoming show, so stick with us for more news.

‘Kite-Man: Hell Yeah!’ animated series will be released sometime in 2024.

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