Knull vs. Sentry: Who Won the Fight? Shocking Death Explained


The Marvel Comics world is home to some of the most powerful entities we could ever imagine, as there are some characters that have godlike abilities that are unimaginable. Two of these characters are Knull and Sentry, who are both considered incredibly powerful characters in the Marvel Universe and are gods or godlike in their own right. Of course, they both clashed with one another in the comics. So, who won the fight between Knull and Sentry?

Knull won in his fight against Sentry. When Knull arrived on Earth, Sentry was the first to attack him and defend the planet against his armies. He attempted to fly Knull into orbit to rip him apart in space. However, Knull was able to quickly reverse their position and then tore Sentry in half instead.

Sentry was always considered the most powerful hero on Earth in the Marvel Comics universe, but Knull was able to showcase his incredible strength and prowess when he easily defeated the character that a lot of Marvel characters believe is unbeatable or unstoppable. That said, let’s look into the characters to understand more about them.

Who Is Knull?

There are a lot of different godlike characters in the world of Marvel Comics, and most of them are cosmic entities that have existed for as long as anyone can remember and have abilities that allow them to do some of the most incredible things ever imagined. One such character is Knull, who was first introduced in the King in Black Marvel Comics event.

While some of the powerful entities in the Marvel universe are cosmic beings or are gods of different pantheons, Knull is basically a god himself as well. Specifically, he is an eldritch god that existed long before the present universe of Marvel Comics was even created. In that regard, he is a primordial god that has been around longer than almost any of the other primordial beings in the universe of Marvel.

We’ve already seen how powerful Symbiotes are in the Marvel Comics universe, as some of the examples are Venom and Carnage. We also saw that the All-Black sword was powerful in the hands of Gorr the God Butcher because he was able to slay multiple gods with this weapon. But the thing is that all of these powers came from Knull, who is the very embodiment of darkness in the Marvel universe and is the god of the Symbiotes. In that regard, you can already imagine just how strong he is.


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Knull was so strong that he was able to use his All-Black sword to decapitate an entire Celestial with one strike. Of course, the Celestials are some of the most powerful entities in the universe, and that means that Knull’s strength is incredible enough that he could decapitate a gigantic moon-sized Celestial with a single strike of his sword. It was through the Celestial’s body that he became stronger as he created a connection between himself and his sword to sustain his powers.

After that, he discovered that he could create symbiotes that could inhabit and possess sentient beings. He created this hive of Symbiotes that he used to conquer different worlds and planets. Knull’s strongest symbiotes were dragon-like creatures that were powerful enough to dominate and conquer entire worlds.

Eventually, in his attempt to find Eddie Brock’s son, who had the ability to control symbiotes as well, he invaded Earth and destroyed countless Kree and Skrull ships along the way. He allowed his symbiote dragons to descend to the planet to dominate some of the strongest heroes of Marvel Comics.

Knull was so strong that he could overpower incredibly strong characters like the Silver Surfer. Even after the Valkyries severed his connection to the dead Celestial, Knull was still powerful enough that he could defeat Thor, who possessed the power of the All-Father at that time. In that regard, not even the strongest heroes of Earth could match him. And this was clear when he met Sentry, who was the first of Earth’s superheroes to confront the man called the King in Black.

Who Is Sentry?

The Marvel Comics universe has a lot of incredibly powerful characters that are based on Earth. Chief among them is the man called Sentry, who is known for being the strongest person on the planet in terms of his overall powers and abilities.

Sentry was the result of an experiment that involved a man who wanted to recreate Captain America using his own Super Soldier Serum. However, he ended up with a serum that was 100,000 times stronger than the Super Soldier Serum. And the only one to ever survive the serum was Robert Reynolds, a meth addict that accidentally consumed the serum when he broke into the lab of the one who created the serum.

Thanks to the serum, Reynolds became incredibly powerful and eventually became the superhero called Sentry, who possessed powers and abilities that far surpassed the ordinary Super Soldier. He was also granted powers and abilities that were godlike.

Sentry’s strength is so great that he has the power of a million exploding suns within his musculature, and this allows him to match the strength levels of characters like the Hulk. In fact, he was able to overpower the entire Avengers, which included She-Hulk and Thor. This is why Nick Fury classifies himself as Power Level 10+.

On top of his incredible physiology, Sentry has the ability to manipulate molecules almost at will. He is often considered to have godlike powers by some of the strongest Marvel characters on Earth. It was theorized that the damage that Scarlet Witch did to the planet when she broke down and changed reality was nothing compared to what Sentry could do if he were to experience a similar mental and emotional breakdown. That is why he is often considered to have nigh-omnipotent capabilities.


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In line with that, he has energy projection abilities and manipulation powers that are so strong that he can basically do anything that he wishes to do. That is why weaker characters easily fold to Sentry, whose powers are so incredible that not a lot of characters are able to contend with the things that he could do whenever he wants to defeat them in a blink of an eye.

It is also said that he is so incredibly powerful that no one could kill him unless he wanted to get killed. As such, characters that are weaker than him would never be able to kill him unless Sentry wanted to die.

The fact that Sentry has godlike powers allowed him to become the strongest Marvel Comics character based on Earth. There was almost no other character that could come close to him in terms of his incredible feats and powers.

Who Won in the Fight Between Knull and Sentry?

When Knull invaded the planet in an attempt to take hold of Eddie Brock’s son, the first superhero to challenge the King in Black in a fight was the strongest hero that Earth could offer. Of course, we are talking about Sentry, who was quick to respond to Knull’s invasion and attempted to kill him in an instant.

The moment Knull appeared, Sentry flew to him and attempted to fly the King in Black to orbit, where he could rip him in half. However, Knull appeared to be unaffected by what Sentry was doing, as he quickly reversed their positions. As such, Knull did what Sentry wanted to do to him as he was the one who tore the superhero in half in what was one of the most horrific moments in Marvel Comics history.

It was the fact that Knull was able to kill Sentry, who is usually unkillable, that proved that this character is stronger than Sentry and is so strong that no other Marvel superhero could match him. This was a powerful display on the part of Knull, who was quick to overwhelm the entire planet with his symbiote dragons, as hardly anyone else could challenge him in a one-on-one fight after he killed Sentry.

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