Kraven the Hunter vs. Black Panther: Who Is Stronger & Would Win in a Fight?


Both Kraven the Hunter and Black Panther are enhanced humans, and both are known to be quite skilled fighters based on their feats. Even though Kraven is generally considered to be physically more threatening, would that be enough to take down one of the best martial artists in Marvel Comics? This is what we set out to find out today as we pit against each other, Kraven the Hunter and Black Panther. Let’s see who between them is stronger & who would ultimately win in the fight.

Black Panther is more powerful and would win in a fight against Kraven the Hunter. Kraven the Hunter might have the upper hand when it comes to raw strength, but Black Panther is far more intelligent and skilled in various fighting techniques and martial arts. He would be easily able to bridge the gap between them in the context of raw physical feats. Black Panther likewise has more advanced tech at his disposal, including Black Panther suits that allow him to achieve superhuman feats if needed. 

Now that we’ve covered that Black Panther would be victorious in this fight, it’s time to analyze how & why. We’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, strength, stamina, and other important attributes of both characters so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Kraven the Hunter draws most of his superhuman abilities from the mythical potions he ingested, which gave him similar effects as Super Soldier Serum on Captain America. Kraven has no energy-projection abilities, but his physiology has been greatly enhanced, as well as his senses and longevity. 

Kraven has no additional abilities such as spellcasting, telekinesis, and other similar powers. 

Black Panther, like Kraven, was born as a regular human, but after ingesting the heart-shaped herb, he also gained effect similar to Super Soldier Serum. Black Panther has supernaturally enhanced physiology. Empowered by Goddess Bast and by using his powerful tech, Black Panther also has some secondary energy manipulation abilities that give him an edge in this category. 

It wouldn’t warrant him instant victory, but Black Panther’s extra abilities are certainly an added bonus against Kraven. 

Points: Black Panther (1:0) Kraven the Hunter


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Strength and stamina 

Due to mystical potions, Kraven the Hunter has superhuman strength and can lift far more than an average human. It is estimated that Kraven is able to lift up to 2 tons, and this translates well to combat as well since he can pack quite a punch. Since Kraven is superhuman and operates at peak human efficiency, it is natural to expect Kraven to have stamina reserves far greater than an average human.

His body produces fewer fatigue toxins, and he is able to fight for a few hours straight before he gets tired. 

Black Panther has peak human strength at best and is considered to be among the strongest non-powered characters in Marvel Comics. Black Panther can lift around 800 lbs, which is not enough to take down most superpowered threats, but Black Panther’s combat skills make up for this lack of physical strength. Black Panther also has enhanced stamina as his metabolism is efficient enough that he can fight for a few hours before feeling the effects of the fatigue. 

Kraven the Hunter is physically much stronger than Black Panther, and due to this, the point goes to him. 

Points: Black Panther (1:1) Kraven the Hunter


Due to his superhuman physiology, Kraven the Hunter has enhanced speed, reflexes, and agility. He can move up to 60 miles per hour while sprinting, and his extremely fast reflexes also translate well in combat. Kraven is well.. Hunter. This makes him extremely dangerous during combat as he uses both rapid reflexes and an element of surprise to take down his opponents. Kraven proved himself to be fast enough to match Spider-Man’s speed during combat in several instances. 

Black Panther has beyond-peak human speed. He is famous for reaching up to 35 miles per hour and going as fast as 45 miles per hour under extreme circumstances. His movement speed is not as impressive as his reflexes and combat speeds, as this is where he truly excels at. He is often described as being too fast to track by the human eye. 

Both Kraven the Hunter and Black Panther have superior combat speeds, agility, and reflexes, but Kraven the Hunter tends to be faster on average. 

Points: Black Panther (1:2) Kraven the Hunter


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Even though Kraven is currently deceased, he did have moderate immortality and extended longevity, meaning that he ages much slower than an average human. This is what also made him more durable than the average human, meaning that he could tank hits and blasts from superpowered characters without being severely damaged in the process. It’s not impossible to damage Kraven, but it’s far from being easy. 

Black Panther, due to various enhancements provided to him by the heart-shaped herb, has an extremely finely tuned metabolism and immune system, which not only allows him limited immunity to viruses, toxins, and poisons, it also grants him a healing factor to some degree. Black Panther is more durable than humans, and he will also recover from his injuries faster than humans. Still, Black Panther most often relies on his Vibrainium Suit for protection, which over time proved to shield him even among the most devastating attacks. 

Both Black Panther and Kraven are durable to an extent since Black Panther has Vibranium Suit that gives him an incredible advantage in combat. 

Points: Black Panther (2:2) Kraven the Hunter


Kraven has tons of experience due to his longevity and sharper senses than most humans. However, he was never considered to be a genious, at least not compared to other smart characters in Marvel Comics. He is a master tracker, and when focused on the target, he usually has no trouble locating it. Still, this doesn’t make him intelligent but rather good at what he was created to do. 

T’Challa is, on the other hand, among the smartest humans on earth, even without the powers granted to him by the heart-shaped herb. He is a master of physics and engineering and even invented his own scientific discipline called Shadow Physics, which combines alchemy and physics and allows him to track Vibranium at a quantum level. Most of what Black Panther uses in combat has been designed by him and created in Wakanda, using their own resources, aka Vibranium, which is especially abundant in the region.

Due to everything said, Black Panther is not only a world-class scientist but among the best diplomats in the Marvel Universe and one of the most gifted military strategists. 

It’s obvious that Black Panther is far more intelligent and accomplished than Kraven, and due to this, the point goes to him. 

Points: Black Panther (3:2) Kraven the Hunter


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Combat Skills 

Kraven the Hunter is most famously known for his savage fighting style, perfected over his long years of battling it out with some of the most dangerous animals known to man. He is a master of both melee weapons and ranged weapons and is known to be among the greatest trackers in Marvel Comics (not that it’s a popular category, but still). In his element, Kraven is a tactical genius with unparalleled survival skills and exceptional knowledge in laying traps and pursuing his targets.

He can be, at times, considered an extremely dangerous opponent whose savage tendencies can overwhelm even the best fighters in Marvel Comics. 

Black Panther has extensive training in martial arts to which he was subjected almost since his birth. He is like Kraven, a master in a wide variety of both melee and ranged weapons from various cultures around the world. But his skills with weapons pale in comparison to his martial arts skills. T’Chall has proven over time to be able to surpass even the most skilled fighters in Marvel Comics, such as Daredevil, Captain America, Iron Fist, and the like. 

Kraven fights savagely, but Black Panther is far more skilled and has a refined fighting style. The point goes to T’Challa. 

Points: Black Panther (4:2) Kraven the Hunter

Black Panther vs. Kraven the Hunter: Who is stronger, and who wins? 

Even though Kraven is physically stronger, he won’t be able to match Black Panther’s intelligence and combat skills. Black Panther has more powerful tech at his disposal, making him also more durable than Kraven. 

Between these two great fighters, it would ultimately come down to who is more skilled and patient to abuse the weaknesses of his opponent. The two fought in the comics before, with Black Panther taking the victory home to Wakanda. Raw stats are not everything, at least when it comes to this battle. 

Who do you think would win this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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