How Fast Is Marvel’s Black Panther? Compared To Other Fast Superheroes


Black Panther is known for his incredible agility and combat prowess. Even though he lacks divine powers like some of his teammates, he can still hold his ground against enemies vastly more powerful than he is. Due to the character’s current popularity, we’ve decided to explore his powers and abilities in a bit more detail, more precisely, his speed. Speed is crucial in martial arts, and we know that Black Panther is regarded as among the best martial artists in Marvel Universe. Having said that, let’s see how fast Black Panther is and how he compares to other fast characters from Marvel Universe.

Black Panther can run at speeds up to 35 miles per hour; one some special circumstances, he can reach 41-45 miles per hour. Due to his various empowerments, Black Panther can reach speeds unattainable to average human beings. Black Panther’s running speeds are not that great, especially when we compare him to some other superpowered characters in Marvel Universe. However, his combat speed is especially augmented as his movements can be so fast that human eyes can’t follow them, and he can basically move in combat with enough ease to dodge a bullet.

Now that we’ve covered the true extent of T’Challa’s speed, it’s time to analyze it in more detail and compare him to other characters with enhanced speed in Marvel Universe. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Black Panther is not considered to be among the fastest characters in Marvel

T’Challa gained his enhanced abilities and physiology when he took over the mantle of Black Panther and ingested the Heart-Shaped Herb, which granted him physical abilities that go beyond what the average human is capable of. Later, he was also blessed by the Goddess Bast as the King of the Dead and gained some additional superpowers; however, today, we’re going to focus mostly on his physiology.

Black Panther performs at super soldier level, and the closes we can compare him to is Captain America. T’Challa can lift more. He is faster. He has sharp senses and somewhat enhanced durability. He also has various technologies at his disposal, most notably his suit, which further enhances his physical attributes.


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Despite being a genius blessed by a god, Black Panther was never among the strongest or fastest characters in the Marvel Universe, not counting his alternate versions. On average, Black Panther can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour which is faster than the finest human athletes, although if the situation calls for it, Black Panther is capable of reaching 41-45 miles per hour under extreme circumstances.

Even though Black Panther’s running speed is nothing special in terms of superpowers, his combat speed and agility are out of this world. T’Challa is among the greatest hand-to-hand fighters in the Marvel Universe. While fighting, he can throw punches faster than the eye can follow, and he is likewise capable of dodging bullets.

He is agile and incredibly fast while he fights, and his reaction times are legendary. Having said all of that, let’s see how Black Panther compares to other characters in Marvel.

Black Panther and Captain America are really close in terms of their speed

Captain America, like Black Panther, originally didn’t have any special powers or abilities. Both later gained them due to various empowerments. Captain America via Super Soldier serum and Black Panther via Heart-Shaped Herb. They are also really close in terms of their physiology; even though they are more powerful, faster, more durable, and stronger than average human beings, they still fall short compared to some other superpowered characters, allies, and enemies alike.

As it turns out, Captain America and Black Panther also have the same speeds. Black Panther has a faster average speed, but Captain America has a faster top speed, outpacing Black Panther by good 15 miles per hour. Still, when everything is taken into account, and we take the middle ground into consideration, I think the two of them would end up in a draw.

Quicksilver is faster than Black Panther

Quicksilver is the Marvel equivalent of DC’s Flash, although he is many times slower than him. He is, however, faster than Black Panther. Quicksilver’s main powerset revolves around the mutant gene that allows him to reach speeds otherwise impossible to regular human beings. He can reach orbital velocity speeds. Such speeds even allow him to fly over short distances.

He likewise once ran from Tibet to Indonesia in a few seconds. Black Panther currently can’t hope to reach those speeds.

Is Black Panther capable of outrunning Black Widow?

Like Black Panther and Captain America, Black Widow is enhanced just enough to be considered superpowered in relative terms related to her physiology. She is likewise very similar to Black Panther because she is lethally fast in combat due to her extensive training and decades of experience.

In terms of speed, Black Widow can reach, on average, a speed of 32-36 miles per hour, which is not that much but is certainly enough to rival Black Panther. Black Panther and Black Widow are equally fast while running, but he is definitely faster during the fight.

Black Panther is faster than Daredevil, but not by much

Daredevil’s true superpowers lie in his massively enhanced senses and the newly developed radar sense that allows him to project a 3D image of his surroundings in his head despite being blind. But, due to long years of training and his street experience fighting, Daredevil can likewise perform at peak human level in terms of his speed. While exact numbers are not available, we’re going to assume that Black Panther is slightly faster than Daredevil because his improvements are supernatural in origin.


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In terms of combat speed Black Panther likewise ends up faster but not by much. Both Daredevil and Black Panther are known to be among the most talented fighters in Marvel Universe.

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