No, Lois Did Not Die in ‘Superman & Lois’! Here’s What Happened to Her

No Lois Did Not Die in Superman Lois Heres What Happened to Her
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Fans of the ‘Superman & Lois’ TV show were shocked at the beginning of Season 3 when Lois got diagnosed with Stage III inflammatory breast cancer. And even though she is married to the strongest man on Earth, Lois has to fight this battle alone, at least physically. Mentally, she had all the best support a woman could ask for. Considering that her diagnosis was no joke, and this type of cancer is known to be quite aggressive and difficult to deal with, a lot of fans are wondering whether Lois is still alive following her battle with cancer.

As of the Season 3 finale, Lois Lane is still alive in the show. Lois when through a round of chemo which proved to be successful enough that she was scheduled for a double mastectomy to remove all lingering traces of cancer. Lois’ health has somewhat improved, but it wasn’t really discussed all that much following the procedure. Whether cancer will return in Season 4 remains to be seen, but for now, Lois is alive and well. 

Now that we’ve given you an update on Lois’ current living status, it’s time to analyze both her diagnosis and how she dealt with it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Lois was diagnosed with Stage III inflammatory breast cancer at the beginning of Season 3 

At the beginning of the latest season, both Lois and Clark were convinced that Lois was pregnant yet again, and even though they were scared, they were also kind of glad since a new baby always presented a new opportunity to do some things differently than the first time around. 

Faced with this, Lois and Clark did not have much time to get their affairs in order before Lois got the terrible news that her pregnancy symptoms were, in reality, something far more sinister -breast cancer, and one of the more rare ones at that. 

What kind of disease Lois Lane Superman and Lois

Inflammatory breast cancer often targets women of childbearing age. It’s highly aggressive and usually does not show any symptoms connected to other forms of breast cancer. Like all other forms of cancer in general, the diagnosis time is crucial to successful treatment, although women diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer generally tend to have a worse prognosis than women diagnosed with other types of breast cancer. Luckily, Lois caught it at the beginning. 

Initially, Lois was reluctant to get chemo 

Nowadays, we pretty much have standardized treatment for most types of cancer, and the odds are fairly good depending on the type. The first step toward the road to recovery is chemo. Chemo is mentally and physically hard to deal with, depending on the person, age, and other factors that come into play. 

Lois was a healthy woman prior to her diagnosis, but she was still reluctant to start chemo and was putting it off because she was unwilling to acknowledge that she had the disease due to being afraid of appearing weak to Clark. The longer she put off chemo, the longer she could pretend that nothing was actually happening and things were more or less the same. 


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She missed two appointments before she came to terms with what chemo and cancer diagnosis entail and before she was met with unflinching support from her family members. 

Lois met Peia during her chemo treatment and saw first hand what happens when you are simply unlucky

During her chemo treatments, Lois got the opportunity to spend time with people who knew what exactly she was going through at the time. One of the women she met during the treatment was Peia, Lois didn’t know it at the time, but Peia was the wife of Bruno Mannheim and the horrific serial murderer and villain Onomatopoeia

Peia struggled with the disease for quite some time, and most of the evil that Bruno did was in a desperate effort to find a cure for his wife. Peia was just like Lois, healthy prior to her diagnosis (although she did get superpowers, presumably due to her exposure to toxic waste in Hob’s Bay). She had all the money and influence in the world, but it still wasn’t enough. 

Peia sick DOD

Even Bruno’s unholy experiments that resulted in the creation of Doomsday weren’t enough to stop disease, only to put off the inevitable. Peia eventually died in the most tragic way imaginable. 

The chemo went well for Lois, and she was scheduled for a double mastectomy 

Mastectomy, or in the simplest terms possible, the removal of breast tissue, is often a reality that women undergoing chemo have to face. Mastectomy is often done when other treatments fail or when some cancer tissue remains, even if chemo was successful. Sometimes, mastectomy can be done as a precaution when the danger of breast cancer developing is significantly high. 

Lois handled chemo like a champ, but once again, mastectomy presented quite the physical and mental challenge she needed to overcome. Lois started withdrawing from Clark. She fell into a sort of depression. Losing her breasts meant losing a part of her femininity, and she was afraid that her sexual life with Clark would change and that he would not consider her as attractive as he used to. 

superman and lois lois wants to be intimate

Still, Clark once again proved how much of a hero he is, he offered her unwavering support, and the operation went well. 

Lois is currently alive and well, and we’re likely going to hear more about her diagnosis in season 4

Lois eventually goes through everything life has thrown her way, and she is alive as of the final episode of season 3. In fact, it was Clark that almost died in his fight with Doomsday. 

Just a few weeks before the season 3 finale was supposed to air, the show was renewed for one more season, and we’re likely going to see the continuation of Lois’ journey and her coming to terms with her diagnosis. Her disease is likely going to be referenced and might even return. 

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