Luke James Turned down the Role of Kang, but He Is up for the Role of Another Villain!

Luke James Kang the Conqueror

Kang the Conqueror was technically introduced in ‘Loki’ Season 1, played by Jonathan Majors as He Who Remains, since then the character appeared as several variants, the latest one being Victor Timely in Loki season 2.

Since then, Majors’ career took a huge hit when he was arrested and subsequently found guilty of third-degree assault, he was fired from Disney and the role of Kang the Conqueror was up for grabs.

We already reported on several candidates for the role like Colman Domingo and John David Washington, but apparently, one more name was offered the role of Kang and he notably said no. In his recent interview with The Direct Luke James admitted that he passed on the role of Kang but he is absolutely interested in playing another character within the MCU:

“Marvel as a whole? Yes. Kang the Conqueror? No. But I wouldn’t not not take the meeting. There are so many brilliant characters, because I mean, it’s so many characters. There are so many characters I would love a take at.”

Luke James is most notable for his role in ‘Star,’ ‘Black Nativity’ ‘The Chi,’ and recently, he appeared as Edmund Gaines in ‘Them.’ Despite turning down the role in one of the most lucrative and popular franchises in cinematic history, there’s still hope that he will be asked to play a different villain:

“I know it’s going to throw people: Thrasher. As a kid, I loved Thrasher, especially when I was introduced to him via Spider-Man. I just thought that was really cool. I skateboard. I thought it was really sick. They’re working on ‘Blade,’ Blade is awesome. But I can’t unsee Wesley [Snipes], but I also love Mahershala Ali, so I just know that’s just going to be a brilliant take on that.”

James is not limited to MCU as well, he mentioned that he would like to play Captain Atom in DCU.

“[Captain] Adam would be really cool in the DCU. I think Adam is such a unique character. They always kind of hint to him, show him in the cartoons and animation versions of all the movies that they’ve come up with DCU. But Adam is really powerful. I think that would be really [cool]… Right now, I see him hooked up to this reactor… They’re draining him; they’re using his power to create these radioactive beings that they’re using. I forget what animation that was…”

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