Mads Mikkelsen Allegedly in Talks To Play Doom, MCU Still Not Giving up on Kang

Mads Mikkelsen Allegedly in Talks to Play Doom MCU Still Not Givin up on Kang

Despite the disappointing MCU releases this year, fans have plenty to look forward to, especially the upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ whose cast is slowly coming to light. Now that we know that Pedro Pascal is going to be Reed Richards, we’re confident that the role is in good hands and there’s a potential to turn it into something really good. 

And while the fandom is still adjusting to the news, John Campea revealed in his most recent podcast that Mads Mikkelsen is in talks with Marvel Studios to play Dr. Doom, one of the most notable villains that the Fantastic Four and the Avengers have ever faced and probably the most iconic villain in the Marvel Comics ever gave rise to. 

But, fans were left confused because the presence of Doom would mean that he should get the spotlight as the main villain. There are just so many stories that could potentially turn into an entire saga focusing solely on him, and the MCU currently has its primary villain, but his reception wasn’t that good at all. Kang the Conqueror debuted in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ a first in the series of flops for the MCU this year, and the movie bombed at the box office, being called “an underwhelming introduction for Thanos’ replacement. 

We know that Kang is supposed to be the face of evil for the next several movies; one whole upcoming movie is named after him, after all. But considering the poor performance of ‘Quantumania’ and the fact that Majors got arrested soon following the debut of the movie for the alleged assault accusation, it really didn’t sit well with the studio, and rumors were getting louder that Kang would be replaced or recast and that perhaps even ‘Kang Dynasty’ is getting a major overhaul.


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All of this was before Majors delivered one more great performance as Victor Timely / He Who Remains in ‘Loki’ Season 2, and so far, we have no idea how they will proceed with this. But if Daniel Richtman, a reliable scooper and leaker, is to be trusted, the studio is not giving up on the idea of Kang. He will still remain the main villain for the next several movies even if they decide to recast Kang the Conqueror.

According to Richtman and his sources, if Dr. Doom appears in the ‘Secret Wars, ‘ he won’t be the main villain and focus of the movie. 

No matter where you stand on the Majors and Kang issue, it would be unwise to basically scrap the whole plan now that several projects released by now have worked to set the grounds for a multiversal warlord.  

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