Mamaragan The Wizard: Bio, Origin & History

Mamaragan The Wizard Origin

Real Name: Mamaragan 

First Appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (February, 1940)

Powers: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Master of Magic and Mysticism, Invulnerability, Telepathy

Affiliation: Marvel Family, Squadron of Justice, The Quintessence

Did You Know? The same actor who portrays Korath The Pursuer for Marvel portrays Mamaragan The Wizard for DC.

A Little History

Mamaragan first appeared under the Fawcett Comics brand back in 1940. He appeared alongside Billy Batson in Whiz Comics #2. He, along with Billy, both shared the name Shazam. Due to legal conflicts with Marvel comics, Billy permanently became Shazam and the wizard’s name was revealed to be Mamaragan.

In their first meeting, the Wizard informs a young Billy Batson that he possesses great power. He tells him that he has been fighting the forces of evil for centuries but has become too old and frail to continue the fight. He explains that he is able to pass along great power to someone worthy and that he had picked Billy as that someone. To have the power of Shazam, the Wizard instructs Billy to use the words Shazam and his power will course through him. Billy uses the word and is immediately transformed from a young teenager into the world’s strongest mortal, Shazam.

The Wizard then explains that the power is derived from six of the greatest champions in history. 

  • Solomon
  • Hercules
  • Atlas
  • Zeus
  • Achilles
  • Mercury

At one point, the Wizard was known as Shazamo, with the ‘O’ representing Oggar, the hero of magic. Because Oggar had a lust for more, he became corrupt and tried to take power away from the Wizard. After a long battle, Mamaragan walked away the victor. As a consequence, Oggar was forced to live among humans and was only able to cast any particular spell once.

As good as the Wizard’s intentions are, they have backfired. He is also responsible for the creation of Black Adam.

No different than with Billy Batson, Mamaragan the Wizard knew that he was growing old, tired and needed a successor. After searching, he decided on the man, Teth Adam. What he couldn’t foresee was that as a man, Teth was easily corrupt. As such, shortly after he was given the power of Shazam, he overthrew the Pharaoh and began ruling Egypt with an Iron Fist. 

The Wizard saw that he had made a mistake but he couldn’t remove the power he had given Teth. Instead, he gave him the name Black Adam and banished him to the furthest star in the galaxy. 

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