Marvel Officially Announces ‘LEGO® Avengers’ Special

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When we’re talking about media franchises, not movie franchises, media franchises, that means that we’re talking about a brand that spawned more than just movies and TV shows. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe did just that. While it’s primarily centered on movies and television series became an official part of the canon in 2021, MCU also spawned many comic book and video game tie-ins. Apart from that, the MCU also spawned animated series, television specials, and themed areas in Disneylands around the world.

We’ve seen everything from the MCU so far, but television specials are pretty interesting in this case. The first television special set in the MCU canon, ‘Werewolf by Night,’ was released in October 2022, and many fans deemed it a Halloween special of the franchise. After that, ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ was released in November, featuring the titular team and their way of spending the Christmas Holidays. And if you think that was all of the television specials the MCU would give us, you’re very much mistaken.

The ‘LEGO® Avengers’ special is coming to Disney+ this October!

Today, Marvel officially announced another television special, ‘LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Code Red,’ which would feature Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their LEGO® forms. This wouldn’t be the first time that Marvel heroes were depicted as LEGO® characters. In the last ten years, we played video games such as ‘LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes,’ ‘LEGO® Marvel’s Avengers,’ and ‘LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 2.’

We don’t know anything about the upcoming special apart from the fact that it’s going to be released exclusively on Disney+ on October 27. The plot is kept under wraps, and there’s still no official trailer, but you can check out the official teaser poster.

lego avengers teaser poster

Not only that ‘LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Code Red’ isn’t the first Marvel special on Disney+, but it also isn’t the first LEGO® special on the streaming service. In November 2020, Disney+ released ‘The LEGO® Star Wars Holiday Special,’ a 49-minute CGI-animated Christmas special that featured many known ‘Star Wars’ characters from the entire Skywalker Saga. On Disney+, you can also find 2021’s ‘LEGO® Star Wars: Terrifying Tales’ and 2022’s ‘LEGO® Star Wars: Summer Vacation.’ Disney also developed several other LEGO® television specials based on their other properties.


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‘LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Code Red’ will be streaming on Disney+ on October 27, 2023.

What are your thoughts on this topic? Will you watch ‘LEGO® Marvel Avengers: Code Red’? Have you watched other LEGO® specials on Disney+? Let us know in the comments.

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