Marvel Serves Subpoena to Instagram To Reveal Leaker’s Identity Over Leaked ‘Brave New World’ Footage

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If you’ve been following our publication regularly, you’re probably aware that there is a large number of Marvel leakers and scoopers online who have access to insider information.

Sometimes, the information shared with the general public is mostly made up, and personal beliefs regarding what should happen in a given movie or TV show, and sometimes, leaks are so accurate they have the potential to spoil upcoming projects years in advance.

One such leaker whose identity is currently unknown is CanWeGetSomeToast. The person usually operates on X and even has a paid leak channel, where you can, for a small price find out things like castings and plots in advance if you are willing to pay for the info, or you truly believe in the accuracy of information shared.

Usually, Marvel Studios and by extension, Disney, don’t mind these leakers, after all, they are doing promotion for the movies and shows, and no real harm is done to the marketing of the projects. But, things can get serious. Remember that instance when the whole script for ‘Quantumania’ was shared on Reddit, or, even more worrying ‘Avengers: Endgame’ leak?

Now, a few weeks ago, CanWeGetSomeToast shared footage from ‘Brave New World’ of Sam Wilson flying to their Instagram story. The footage was quickly removed but the harm was done. Now Marvel Studios is lawyering up and Instagram has been subpoenaed to reveal the leaker’s identity, an act that usually leads to a lawsuit, but as of currently, the leaker HASN’T BEEN SUED by the company despite other similar articles reporting the situation as such.


In late April, a DMCA notice sent to Instagram highlighted a contested story containing a “leaked, pre-release image” from the Captain America film, unauthorized for public distribution. The film company seeks Instagram’s assistance in identifying the account holder, requesting details like names, addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and payment account information.

Marvel is using a DMCA subpoena to identify the owner of the ‘CanWeGetSomeToast’ Instagram account, which allegedly leaked Captain America footage. Despite Instagram’s 24-hour story feature, Marvel aims to uncover the individual responsible for the unauthorized posting, as stated by VP of Global Security and Content Protection, Matthew Slatoff.

What happens if Instagram provides the data? Well if the person in question is an employee of Marvel Studios, they are getting fired. If the person in question knows someone from Marvel Studios who is leaking stuff to them, once again the employee is most likely getting fired. Whether Marvel will go as far as to sue CanWeGetSomeToast? We don’t really see what the point of that would be, except to send a message to other leakers and scoopers and people inside the studio who are leaking stuff online.

It’s likely that they won’t go after monetary gain, but simply aim to send a message to people ruining people’s fun months in advance.

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