Marvel Studios Exploring Different Characters To Expand Disney+ Series According to Rumors

Marvel Studios Exploring Different Characters to Expand Disney Series According to Rumors
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Recently, Bob Iger of Disney came out with a statement that Disney should focus on quality over quantity and that the fact that recent projects, both when it comes to the MCU franchise and Disney shows and movies in general, can be attributed to the fact that they are pushing to much content out. 

It’s not even a matter of superhero fatigue, as most of their projects seem to be underdelivering in recent times, and 2023 might be the first year since 2014 (pandemic years excluded) that Disney will be closing the year without a billion-dollar movie.

MCU’s most recent release ‘The Marvels’ has seen catastrophic results, considering that it’s one of the most expensive superhero movies that the Studio has ever made and the first MCU movie not to break the $100 million mark in history. The drop in quality has been noted in Disney+ shows as well, with the exception of the second season of ‘Loki,’ which has been universally proclaimed as a masterpiece. 

We know that MCU has more than 20 projects on its release schedule; some are wrapping up post-production, while most are dealing with the aftermath of the historic SAG-AFTRA strike and are stuck in limbo. Several movies were slated for 2024 release, but according to recent rumors, MCU is considering releasing only ‘Deadpool 3’ as the Studio believes the movie to be crucial for Multiversal Saga as well as crucial when it comes to returning the faith and hype into the franchise. 

Now, according to Daniel Richtman, a source of relatively accurate scoops and rumors, Studio is exploring different characters for potential Disney+ series, which may include The Punisher, Ghost Rider, Alpha Flight, Runaways, Jessica Jones, and select members of the X-Men. 

This does seem to go against what Iger was saying, and if the rumors are true, MCU will push more characters into the franchise that they will either forget about or mistreat, or fans won’t care about at all. 

It seems that the franchise is getting awfully crowded, but there is a way to make that work if at least some of these projects turn out to be Marvel Spotlight projects, a brand of Disney+ series that doesn’t require previous knowledge of the MCU to get into, as fans have been complaining in the last year that there’s too much homework to keep track of everything going on and rarely is someone interested in watching ten movies and 2 Disney+ shows just to understand a vague reference in the current movie they are watching. 


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The first show to be released under the Marvel Spotlight banner is ‘Echo.’ Fans were skeptical at first, but now that the trailer has come out, it seems like there is a breath of fresh air coming our way. 

But when it comes to the afore-mentioned characters that are rumored to get their own series, we know that the MCU is preparing for the introduction of X-Men, and Jessica Jones was already a big thing during the Defenders Saga, and the general consensus was that it was poorly done. 

In any case, we’ll see, but Disney+ policy does seem contradictory in recent times. 

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