MCU: All 6 Thanos Children Ranked by Power

mcu all thanos adoptive children ranked

As far as MCU goes, Thanos never had biological children of his own. This didn’t stop him, however, from adopting children from various species in order to train them to obey and deliver all of his commands. Thanos despised weakness. This is why he surrounded himself with the Black Order and an elite group of combatants composed of his adopted children, all trained into lethal and ruthless killers. But who among them eventually turns out to be the most capable among them all? This is what we set out to explore as we rank all Thanos’ children in the MCU. 

6. Corvus Glaive 

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Like the rest of the Black Order, Glaive belonged to an unnamed alien species whose world Thanos sacked and killed half of its population. Since not much is known about his physiology, we can only assume things about his power level and draw conclusions from what we’ve seen in the movies.

Glaive was strong enough to fight Vision and Captain America on par. He demonstrated incredible durability when he withstood assaults from Vision, Wanda Maximoff’s psionic energy, and vibranium shields wielded by Captain America. Glaive’s superior speed and agility surpassed human capabilities, enabling him to deflect missiles, keep pace with fast-moving targets, and outmaneuver opponents.

He was an incredible weapon master, most notable for fighting with spears. However, this is what also caused his death. It was relatively easy to eliminate him from the picture completely. His lack of attention to his surroundings led to him being pierced by his own spear at the hands of Vision. 

5. Cull Obsidian 

Cull obsidian

Cull Obsidian was a mighty beast, so his inclusion into the Black Order made sense, even though Thanos, more than not, praised brilliance and intellect. As an experienced commander and a warlord, he knew what Cull could bring to the table. Cull was strong enough to rival Hulk and Stark in his Hulkbuster armor. Cull also displayed incredible durability, sustaining without lasting damage blows from Iron Man and Black Panther. 

Cull was somewhat weak when his arm got severed by Wong. Thanos hated to see his adopted brawler in such a state, so a prosthetic quickly replaced the missing limb. Even though Cull Obsidian could endure incredible magnitudes of damage, he sustained lethal damage by being burned by Wakanda’s barrier. 


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4. Proxima Midnight

Proxima midnight

Proxima was probably the most gifted out of all members of the Black Order. She had superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and agility, which she used to gain momentum in almost any fight. Proxima Midnight can be considered to be a better-armed combatant than her husband, Corvus Glaive, and she was likewise durable enough to sustain injuries from Scarlet Witch’s magic blasts and walk away unharmed. 

Scarlet Witch, however, proved to be deadly for Proxima. No matter how much resolve, stamina, and durability could help her evade Scarlet Witch’s telekinesis. Wanda used telekinesis to fling Proxima on the path of a Tresher, which shredded her into pieces, ending her journey. 

3. Nebula


Considering the amount of prosthetics and cybernetic enhancements that Thanos built into Nebula, we can assume that she was initially the weakest member of the Black Order. Nebula was obsessed with gaining Thanos’ trust and admiration, which leads her to come into conflict with all other members of their twisted family. Originally a luphomoid, Nebula was already naturally strong, fast, and durable, but her “improvements” at the hands of Thanos brought these natural advantages to another level completely as she was transformed into one of the most notorious assassins in MCU. 


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Nebula is superhumanly strong, fast, agile, and durable, and due to a large portion of her body being technically artificial, she has inhuman stamina levels. Nebula can also morph several of her limbs into weapons. Whether we’re talking about ranged weapons, swords, or staffs, there’s nothing Nebula can’t turn into her own advantage. 

2. Ebony Maw

Ebony maw

When compared to other members of the Black Order, Ebony Maw never had any fantastical physical abilities. The prime reason why Thanos kept him around was his calculating mind, intelligence, and the fact that he never disappointed him. 

Where his physical abilities lacked, Ebony Maw had incredible telekinesis to compensate for it. He could manipulate inanimate objects with precision, swiftly launching Iron Man into the air, redirecting Cull Obsidian’s trajectory, and even slicing a car hurled at him. Maw’s finesse allowed him to sculpt sharpened spikes from debris and restrain defeated foes like Thor using panels from the environment. 

His telekinesis extended to levitation, enabling him to hover and transport himself or others, such as lifting Doctor Strange against a wall. Maw’s genius-level intellect and tactical acumen made him dangerous as he quickly deduced opponents’ weaknesses. Sadly, Maw fell victim to his own hubris, being sucked into the void of the Universe as he ranted about how he could kill Strange instantly. 

1. Gamora

Gamora MCU

Gamora is, for a good reason, known as the most dangerous woman in the Galaxy. She was, for a reason Thanos’ favorite child, due to her resolve and lethality, which was ingrained into her ever since Thanos adopted her. In the MCU, she was seen manipulating rather large and heavy objects with nothing but the power of her own strength. She broke Groot’s vine binding, something with which even Adam Warlock struggled at one point. She lifted the cannon from a crashed M-ship. Even an alternate version of Gamora was able to defeat a much larger Korbinite soldier. She is also faster, stronger, and more durable than any human you will encounter, being able to survive in outer-space conditions without special protection. 

Even though she lacks Maw’s intellectual capabilities, Gamora was, before departing the Guardians, master tactician and, along with Rocket, planned most of their exploits. Gamora proved herself to be a perfect combination of all Thanos’ children, hardened by years of training and enhancements. 

Who do you think is the most powerful Thanos’ child? Let us know in the comments below!

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