MCU’s Sim Liu Wants Fans To Advocate for Canceled Spider-Man Show

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Yesterday, news broke that ‘Silk: Spider Society’ won’t be moving forward at Amazon. The execs instead decided to focus on a different show, the one revolving around Spider-Man Noir, starring Nicholas Cage.

The reasons for cancelation aren’t exactly clear, with some reasons pointing in the direction of the show having a difficult time with the script, going through at least three versions.

The second reason might be because the show was female-oriented, staring female superhero in the main role, and as we all know those types of projects are struggling in recent times, due to several reasons but mostly due to a lack of female support, if we’re going by the audience numbers.

Now MCU’s Sim Liu, better known as Shang-Chi sent a heartfelt message to fans. The actor says that he is gutted that the show is not moving forward and asks fans to advocate for the show, even though the hopes of reviving it are slim at best.

Just because the show has been canceled that doesn’t mean we won’t see Cindy Moon in action, the character already appeared in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and ‘Infinity War’ played by Tiffany Espensen, and if fans are persistent enough, we might see her in ‘Spider-Man 4’ which is currently in development. Simu Liu likewise confirmed recently that ‘Shang-Chi’ is in development.

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