Mike Colter Gives Update on What It Would Take for Him to Return to Luke Cage: “I Don’t Stay Up at Night Thinking About It”

Michael Colter returning to luke cage

Before there were Disney+ shows, Netflix was the home of Defenders Saga and numerous shows focusing on street-level superheroes. One of them was Luke Cage. The show ran for two seasons and it was relatively popular with Mike Colter bringing the titular character to life.

Despite its popularity, ‘Luke Cage’ was canceled after two seasons. The reasons cited include creative differences and the strategic shifts as Marvel Television began to move its properties away from Netflix.

Now with the release of ‘Echo,’ the Defenders Saga was made canon to the mainline MCU, and with the release of ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ we can expect that plenty of former shows will be referenced, with fans calling for some of the shows to continue on Disney+. Krysten Ritter already stated that she would love to return to Jessica Jones but what about Luke Cage? Well, the actor doesn’t sound as hyped as he would like, his career and his life moved on from the property, but he did admit that he would return if it made sense and for a good story when he spoke to ComicBook.

Only if it doesn’t affect my schedule in a way that I can’t do another season of Evil. I mean, I would totally entertain a good script and idea that made sense. I don’t stay up at night thinking about it, nor do I recall it unless someone brings it up. But I enjoyed my time. I don’t look in the past. If something comes up, great, we’ll talk about it. But right now, I’m [past it].

Colter admitted that he is also not past the role being recast.

‘Daredevil: Born Again’ will “re-introduce” most of the cast of the former Netflix show to the MCU, at least now we know that we can also count on Colter….sort of…

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