Krysten Ritter Teases Her Return to Popular Marvel Role

Krysten Ritter Teases Her Return to Popular Marvel Role

It’s pretty common knowledge by now that the release of ‘Echo’ made Netflix’s Defenders Saga canon. To be fair, the biggest part that motivated the announcement was probably the upcoming release of ‘Daredevil: Born Again.’ Following extensive reworks of the show, it’s been decided that it’s not going to be a reboot of the show, but rather more akin to the continuation of Netflix’s show.

Since ‘Daredevil’ show was connected to pretty much all other shows, in a direct or indirect way, the Defenders Saga needs to be canon. One of the most notable shows (and characters) within the Defenders was Jessica Jones, played by Krysten Ritter.

Recently, the actress stated that she would love to return to her former role, and now she’s given her fans a pretty big tease on her private Instagram account.

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For people unaware of what is being referenced in this photo, Jessica Jones, in the comics of course, had pink hair back when she was going under the superhero alias ‘Jewel.’

Soon after getting her superpowers in a tragic accident, Jessica Jones decided to use her powers for good and started developing her superhero persona. She had a skin-tight pink superhero costume and adopted the alias ‘Jewel.’ The only problem was she never had an army of reporters following her every move, but there were definitely a lot of fan-made sites dedicated to her superhero exploits.

Her career took a wrong turn, however, when she encountered Zebediah Killgrave – the Purple Man, during one intervention in a restaurant.

Jessica Jones as Jewel

Eventually, Jessica took on another superhero alias.

After the incident with Killgrave happened, Jessica retired her Jewel persona and decided to rethink her crime-fighting career. She then decided to develop a vigilante persona overhauling her pink costume and replacing him with a black and red one.

Jessica Jones took on the alias ‘Knightress” and started fighting crime as a vigilante. This was a brief experience for Jessica as she gave up her career after a week.

Jessica as Knightress

On one of her first missions, she tried to stop the criminal activity of the Owl. And by the end of the night, she became a babysitter for the children she rescued from the ordeal. As vigilante Knightress, Jessica Jones met Luke Cage for the first time.

So far, nothing has been confirmed (or rumored) regarding Jessica Jones in the MCU, but considering that fans are extremely hyped for ‘Daredevil: Born Again,’ maybe the studio will rethink some other revivals.

Would you like to see Jessica Jones in the MCU? Let us know in the comments below!

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