New ‘The Acolyte’ BTS Footage Shows That It’s “Like Nothing Star Wars Has Ever Seen Before”

acolyte bts footage

Action? Mystery? Martial Arts? ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ has it all. The show premieres on Disney+ with the first two episodes in less than a week, and now some new BTS footage showcases what fans can expect.

Star Wars shared a behind-the-scenes video on their official YouTube page, blending footage from the upcoming show with short snippets of interviews featuring The Acolyte’s cast and crew. Notably, showrunner Leslye Headland expressed her fascination with the direction of martial arts films.

Headland stated that the show was heavily influenced by samurai and wuxia films, and cast members further detailed how extensive and difficult their training was, with Dafne Keen, set to portray Jecki Lon, going as far as to tease the best fight scene that the franchise has ever seen.

The statement that the show will be “like nothing that Star Wars has seen before” holds true as far as live-action goes as ‘The Acolyte’ is the first show to depict the High Republic Era. This Era wasn’t all that explored in movies and shows, but it was in books and graphic novels, we know that it was the age during which the Jedi were at their absolute most powerful, the golden age of the republic, their numbers going to thousands while Sith are considered extinct.

That doesn’t mean that Sith won’t be a part of the show however as the show’s creator Leslye Headland warned us that depending on the context, the institual power that the Jedi hold gives them the ability to be villains in the story.

There will be one Sith unmasked over the course of the show, how that will be reflected in the rest of the franchise yet remains to be seen.

‘The Acolyte’ arrives on June 4th on Disney+. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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