‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’: Plot, Cast, Release Date & Everything We Know So Far

Star Wars The Acolyte Official Synopsis Poster Revealed

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ is an upcoming TV show created for Disney+ and a part of a Star Wars franchise. The show has been discussed since 2019, the premiere of ‘The Rise of the Skywalker’ when Leslye Headland expressed interest in the franchise as a massive fan.

In April 2020, it was announced that Headland would be writing and show-running a new Star Wars series centered around female characters for Disney+. Staffing for the series had already commenced, and it was anticipated to explore a distinct era within the Star Wars universe separate from other projects. Recently, a new trailer for the show dropped and over the course of numerous interviews, Headland revealed what fans can expect. If you don’t have time to comb through hours of text, we’ve summarized everything for you in this neat guide.

‘The Acolyte’ takes place during the High Republic Era, and focuses on bad guys

‘The Acolyte’ is the first live-action TV show to focus on the High Republic Era, and the second overall. The show officially takes place during the latter portion of the High Republic Era 100 years before the events of ‘Episode I: The Phantom Menace’ and it’s one part of the Star Wars greater timeline that hasn’t been discussed all that much on-screen. This was known as the Golden Age of the Jedi because the institution was at the height of its power.

The show will focus on a Jedi Master who starts investigating a series of crimes that bring him into conflict with a former Padawan learner and reveal sinister forces between the plots.

It all sounds very generic, but Headland discussed the show in great detail and noted that whatever you expect ‘Acolyte’ to be, don’t, it’s going to be completely different. The Jedi during this period were at the height of their power and they had institutional might that I guess depending on how you look at it, can put them in the category of “bad guys.”

Headland further explained that this is the first time we see Jedi vastly outnumber the Sith (it isn’t) and due to that, this is sort of a “rooting for the underdog” premise. The creator is deeply attracted to immoral characters and their pursuit of humanity and this is presumably something we’re going to see on screen as our perception of the Jedi order is challenged.

The trailer showcased plenty of action, and according to the creator, it was influenced by Samurai and Wuxia films, and it was pitched as “Kill Bill meets Frozen.” We’re really interested in how the end product will turn out to be. Dafne Keen teased the fans stating that some of the fight scenes created for the show are among the best in the franchise, surpassing even the iconic Darth Maul fight.

The show will feature a lot of nods to High Republic books, notably one character from the show Vernestra Rwoh is directly from the books. In the books, Vernestra Rwoh, a Mirialan female Jedi Master, became a Jedi Knight at fifteen, the youngest in a long time, under the tutelage of Jedi Master Stellan Gios.

The latest trailer confirmed that the Jedi in the galaxy are being hunted and murdered, with so-far unnamed dark force users on their tale. We also know that Mae will have a choice between following the force and following her own desires. The trailer definitely hints at the Jedi being painted in bad light.

Almost all of the cast for the show is known

Due to the unique setting of the show, you don’t have to expect some notable names (and faces) from other projects to reprise their roles as it’s going to be a completely new cast:

  1. Amandla Stenberg as Mae, a former padawan turned warrior;
  2. Lee Jung-Jae as Sol, a respected Jedi master;
  3. Manny Jacinto as Qimir, a former smuggler;
  4. Dafne Keen as Jecki Lon, a young Jedi;
  5. Jodie Turner-Smith as Mother Aniseya, leader of a coven of witches;
  6. Rebecca Henderson as Vernestra Rwoh, a Jedi Knight prodigy;
  7. Charlie Barnett as Yord Fandar, another Jedi;
  8. Carrie-Anne Moss as Indara, a Jedi Master;
  9. Joonas Suotamo as Kelnacca, a Wookiee Jedi master Amy Tsang.

Dean-Charles Chapman and Margarita Levieva are also involved in the project.

‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ will be released this summer

‘The Acolyte’ is set to debut on Disney+ on June 4, 2024, with its initial two episodes. Following this premiere, the remaining six episodes will be released weekly thereafter.

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