New ‘The Acolyte’ Theory Suggests Qimir Won’t Survive Past First Season


Disney’s new Star Wars project, ‘The Acolyte,’ has been streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024. Despite controversies and review-bombing, the series remains one of the most talked-about shows worldwide, with fans eagerly dissecting each new episode.

Episode 5, titled “Night,” delivered numerous thrilling moments and revelations that sparked a flurry of online discussions. Among the many topics under scrutiny is a fan theory concerning Qimir’s fate in the series. This report delves into this intriguing theory.

Today, we’ll explore a theory presented by Erik Voss on the New Rockstars YouTube channel. In a recent video, he analyzes and dissects the fifth episode of ‘The Acolyte,’ highlighting Easter Eggs that hint at Qimir’s possible fate.

Before we delve into the theory, it’s important to note that this is just a fan theory and not an official canon. While supported by compelling evidence and arguments, it remains speculative. Nonetheless, it offers an entertaining perspective. Here’s what Voss suggests:

“Notice the music here. This melody actually comes up at the end of the episode as well. That, my friends, is a melody of John Williams – “Kylo Ren Theme.” So, why sample a sequel Trilogy melody in these moments, one hundred years before the Skywalker Saga? Well, because it rocks;that’s why. But also, if this show plans to have any future for Qimir beyond his current Sith plot to recruit an acolyte and what I assume will be an attempt to overthrow either Darth Tenebrous or Darth Plagueis; if Qimir survives these events, it could become linked to the succession of the Knights of Ren.”

“Kylo Ren’s band of dark side Force practitioners were one of the big unanswered questions from the sequel trilogy, but from literary material we know that they are a succession always led by leader who takes on the code name of Ren. Before Ben Solo took on the role, there was another Ren who covered his face in a mask to hide his disfigurement.”

“Qimir could be a few Generations earlier on that chain of succession. Like he could be the first Ren or more likely, he’s going to end the series dead because they’re going to have to make room for the Sith to move on to Palpatine or whoever next would be on the Sith rule of two order of succession because I don’t know if those guys would leave a loose Manny Jacinto out there alive.”

Source: YouTube

Voss, despite his appreciation for Qimir’s role in the series, paints a grim picture of the character’s fate with convincing arguments. As a Sith, Qimir is likely to fall victim to the constant power struggles within their ranks.

The theory hinges on the Sith rule of two, established in the Prequel Trilogy, which dictates that there are always two Sith Lords: a master and an apprentice. The apprentice seeks to overthrow the master and take their place, while the master lives in perpetual fear of being usurped by their apprentice.

The series strongly implies that Qimir is not the master but rather serves under a hidden presence. Qimir’s ambition is to find an apprentice, or “acolyte,” and gain freedom.

Considering ‘The Acolyte’ leads into the prequel trilogy, during which Palpatine had already eliminated his own master, Plagueis, it seems unlikely that Qimir will survive. The idea of Palpatine allowing a powerful Sith Lord to remain alive is highly improbable.

Qimir’s fate may not be sealed in Season 1, pending the show’s overall season planning. If the series doesn’t extend too far, Qimir might meet his end this season, serving as a precursor to a more formidable threat like Darth Tenebrous or Darth Plagueis, both fitting within the timeline. What are your thoughts on this theory? Would you prefer to see Qimir meet his demise or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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