Gamora: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Gamora Zen Whoberi Ben Titan

First Appearance: Strange Tales #180 (June 1975)

Powers: Possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, and agility. Is proficient is hand-to-hand combat and is one of the foremost assassins in the galaxy.

Affiliation: Guardians of the Galaxy, Infinity Watch, United Front, Nova Corps, Phalanx

Did You Know? Gamora was created by legendary writer Jim Starlin.

A Little History

The origin of Gamora is pretty straightforward. 

Gamora first debuted in Strange Tales #180 back in June of 1975. She was created by Jim Starlin.

As the last living survivor of her species, Gamora is a rarity in the Marvel Universe. Depending on which timeline she’s in, her species was either exterminated by the Badoon (alternate timeline) or the Universal Church of Truth (main timeline). 

Similar to her MCU origin, in the comics Thanos found her as a child and raised her to be the perfect fighting machine. He did this in hopes that she would one day challenge, defeat, and kill Magus (evil Adam Warlock) in battle. Although Thanos showed her very little affection as a child, Gamora was fiercely loyal to him. This was due to the fact that in return for her loyalty, she was promised the opportunity to avenge the deaths of her entire family and species. 

Over time, she became well adverse in martial arts. Her skill was so great that she eventually earned the nickname, “Deadliest Woman in the Whole Galaxy”. As a teenager, she was taken by Thanos to Tartoonla #7. While there, she came across a group of troublemakers. As good as she was in martial arts, Gamora was greatly outnumbered. As a consequence, the group easily defeated her and left her for dead. Rather than leave her behind, Thanos returned her to full health, augmented her to superhuman levels, and killed every one of her attackers.

Once an adult, Thanos delivered in his promise and sent her to the Universal Church of Truth. She quickly earned a reputation as someone not to be trifled with. While there, she fulfilled her own promise and murdered every last being involved in the genocide of her family and species. 

And that’s it. The origin of Gamora.

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