Tim Drake: Bio, Origin & History

Origin of Tim Drake

Real Name: Tim Drake

First Appearance: Batman #436 (August 1989)

Powers: Similar to Jason Todd, Damian Wayne, Carrie Kelley, and Dick Grayson, Tim Drake is an expert detective. He’s also proficient in just about every form of high-tech weaponry on Earth and is an expert martial artist.

Affiliation: Batfamily, Justice League, Outsiders, Teen Titans, Young Justice, and Batman Inc.

Did You Know? Aside from Dick Grayson, Tim Drake is the most popular Robin of all time. 

A Little History

The origin of Tim Drake is pretty straightforward. 

Tim Drake first appeared inside the pages of Batman #436 in the August of 1989. He later appeared as Robin just 21 issues later in Batman #457. He was created by the duo of Marv Wolfman and Pat Broderick. 

Who knew that on the night that Dick Grayson’s parents were murdered there was another boy in the audience that would eventually change Bruce Wayne’s life?

Growing up, Tim lived a life of solitude from his parents. This wasn’t because he chose to be away from them but instead, because they were both world-renowned archaeologists. As a couple in high demand, they often traveled the world leaving Tim in various boarding schools. 

Like his parents, Tim also had a sharp mind. In fact, by the age of nine, he had successfully figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman and Dick Grayson was Robin. Inspired by the two superheroes, Tim took to studying various fighting styles as well as learning everything he could about being a detective. 

By the time he was thirteen, Tim began to realize that Batman had become more violent. He deduced that this was because Jason Todd’s death adversely affected him. Wanting to help, he approached Dick Grayson (now Nightwing) and pleaded that he once again become Robin. Although Dick said that he wouldn’t become Robin again, a chance encounter between Tim and Two-Face prompted both Dick and Alfred to see Tim’s potential. The two approached Batman who quickly turned the thought of another teenage sidekick down. He did, however, agree to train Tim to become his assistant in the Batcave. 

Eventually, after a number of events that led to the paralysis of his father, the death of his mother, and Tim saving Batman from Scarecrow, Batman relented and agreed to take Tim on as the third Robin

And that’s it. The origin of Tim Drake.

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