The Pennyworth Television Show Looks To Be Better Than Gotham

Origin of Alfred Pennyworth

The Pennyworth Television Show Looks To Be Better Than Gotham

Danny Cannon, the man behind the upcoming Pennyworth television show, has given us a little more insight into what exactly the show will be about. More specifically, he’s revealed what it won’t be about. Cannon has made it perfectly clear that the enemies that Batman is commonly known for will not appear in Pennyworth. Now, that’s not to say that the show won’t have its own fair share of rogues. 

Quite the opposite actually. 

Cannon has said that the show will utilize the blueprint for classic British villains. This means that we could potentially see characters similar to some of the most well-known British criminals in history…Jack The Ripper for example. 


As for the title character himself, the show will follow the early life of Alfred Pennyworth. It will star Jack Bannon in the title role and follow the eventual Butler through his time as a soldier. That means that the show will be set in a 1960’s England. But it isn’t the England that the tourism guides tends to sell. 

Not even close.

This England is a dark and violent England that predates the events of Gotham by 20 years. In fact, the show even predates the meeting of Alfred Pennyworth and Thomas Wayne. This doesn’t, however, mean that the two don’t cross paths though. The two do find common ground and quickly realize that their beliefs align with one another. 

Cannon said this of the show, “It’s twenty-something years before Gotham…It’s a very different world; this is the DC version of 1960s London. It’s not the England we know. It looks and feels like, but if you look a little closer, [you ask] why is that like that? Why is that building there? What war is he talking about?”

When asked what the tone of the show would be Cannon was quick to say that it will be R-rated. 

The Pennyworth television show stars Jack Bannon, Jason Flemyng, Paloma Faith and has been developed by Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller. It is set to premiere later this year on Epix. 



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