New Theory Behind Qimir’s Scars Sets Up Connection To Some of the Most Dreaded Sith Lords in History


Last week’s episode of ‘The Acolyte’ brought to light some significant revelations related to Qimir aka The Stranger. During his conversation with Osha, he revealed that he used to train as a Jedi, and when asked by Osha whether his scars came from his master’s abuse he didn’t answer.

It’s easy to assume that he was abused by his Jedi Master, however, plenty of fans pointed out that his scars don’t look like your typical lightsaber scars.

We’ve already developed our own theory on how master Vernestra Rwoh could be behind Qimir’s unusual scars, as her weapon lightwhip could potentially leave such irregular scars. Her weapon was also teased in Episode 6, in an unusual scene that bore no significance to the story of the episode overall.

But, Screenrant developed their own theory of how those scars are not a product of lightsabers but rather a product of Force lightning, a devastating power that usually only Sith have access to.

Qimir mentioned that he was also stabbed in the back, and judging by the scars on his back he meant that quite literally. Betrayal and contest for power is nothing unusual among the Sith, and backstabbing doesn’t seem to be a thing among the Jedi, even among these types of Jedi in the High Republic that are depicted somewhat differently than in other live-action Star Wars projects.

But who might be the mysterious Sith Lord who rejected Qimir? Headland already confirmed that there are two Sith in the show, something that will presumably be shown in the last two episodes of the show. His status as a Sith reject avoids conflict with existing Sith Lords like Darth Tenebrous and Darth Plagueis. He might have been an apprentice who was rejected, similar to Darth Venamis.

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