New Chilling ‘The Acolyte’ Theory Connects Qimir’s Scars With Vernersta Rwoh


‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ recently aired its sixth episode. The show is back to its slow pace and offers little in terms of excitement and action but we did find out some things about the franchise’s latest Sith Lord.

In what appears to be the high point of the episode Qimir strips down and showcases his scars several times over the course of the episode. He also reveals to Osha that he used to be a Jedi, and implies that he was harassed by his Master.

It’s unknown whether Qimir opened himself up to Osha to share a genuine connection with her or he merely wants to manipulate her with a sob story. We’ve already theorized that Qimir is actually not the only Sith in the show, and Headland recently confirmed as much. It’s quite likely that there’s someone else, someone related to The Power of Two that Qimir is looking for.

In the scene when Qimir takes his shirt off and shows off his scars, fans couldn’t help but notice that the scar looks like something that lightwhip would leave behind – and the only person that currently has a lightwhip, in the whole Star Wars franchise is Vernerstra Rwoh.

The theory quickly developed that Vernerstra is either Qimir’s former Jedi master and that she abused him or that she is his current Sith Master who abuses him.

We don’t know much about Vernerstra’s live-action version, but we know that she is highly apolitical to the extent that she wanted to avoid reporting the incident with the dead Jedi (both times) to the council. We know that she acts standoffish and showcases little emotions. Don’t get me wrong, that’s how Jedi are supposed to be, but something about Rwoh makes her seem almost psychopathic.

In the same episode, the powerful Jedi makes her way to Khofar to investigate the crime scene, she uses her lightwhip to take down Umbramoth that’s been hovering near the crime scene.

It’s not a coincidence that Vernerstra’s lightwhip and Qimir’s scars are showcased in the same episode, it’s possible that Vernestra saw that politics would be the end of the Jedi order and she decided to take matters into her own hands. Something similar happened to Count Dooku who turned to the dark side due to seeing all the faults and corruption within the order and the Republic.

The book version of Vernerstra had Jedi Padawan who on several instances was drawn to the dark side, so this is perhaps where the inspiration came from, if it really turns out that Qimir is either Rwho’s current or former “apprentice.”

In any case, Rwoh will definitely turn out to be the bigger player than we expect her to be.

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