Ray Stevenson (Volstagg from ‘Thor’) Passes Away at 58


Sad news emerged about an MCU actor, Ray Stevenson, who portrayed Volstagg in the Thor movies. Stevenson, a brilliant Northern Irish actor, died at the young age of 58. His publicist firm, Viewpoint, confirmed the information, stating that Ray tragically died on May 21, 2023.

The news shocked the world, as Stevenson was still a vibrant, active actor. While no cause of death has been disclosed by Stevenson’s team, it has been noted that he was hospitalized during the filming of a movie named Cassino in Ischia, shot on the Italian island Ischia itself.

Ray Stevenson will be remembered for his professionalism, joy, humor, and skill in the workplace. Marvel’s official Twitter channels expressed their grief and condolences as well:

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of Ray Stevenson, who brought humor and wit to the character of Volstagg. He was a wonderful actor who will be deeply missed, and our thoughts are with his family and loved ones.”

For those who need to refresh their memory, Volstagg was one of Thor’s closest friends and one of the toughest Asgardian warriors. He donned an awesome ginger beard and a huge Asgardian battleaxe known as Brandrheir Undrsigr.


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Ray Stevenson’s career bio

Ray Stevenson was born on Northern Island on May 1964 and passed away tragically on May 21, 2023, only four days before his 59th birthday. He was a stellar actor with a rich career that started decades ago.

MCU fans will likely know Stevenson for his role as Volstagg, but the British actor appeared in numerous hit shows and films throughout the years. He voiced Gar Saxon in both Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels. He also appeared in amazing shows like Vikings, Black Sails, Dexter, Rome, and others.

Ray’s most notable movie roles are in The Book of Eli, Kill the Irishman, the first three Thor movies, the Divergent series, and, more recently, RRR. He had two upcoming projects expected in 2023 with Gateway to the West and Ahsoka – where he portrays a character named Baylan Skoll.

At the time of his passing, Ray was working on a new movie, Cassino in Ischia, but the future of that project is unclear as of now.

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