Rumors: Kevin Feige Is Open to the Idea of Venom Being in the Next Major MCU Project


Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, or SSU, keeps expanding, and the movie that started it all ‘Venom’ released in 2018, is bound to get its second sequel in 2024 with Tom Hardy returning to the role of the beloved Symbiote. Last summer, which was supposed to see some of the most expected productions resume and conclude, especially related to the superheroes, was affected by the longest SAG-AFTRA strike in Hollywood’s history— lasting for 118 days.

Both SSU and MCU were paused, and both cinematic universes have a plethora of projects lined up to be developed, but in any case, shortly after the strike ended, both parties reached good deals, and the news broke out that ‘Venom 3’ will resume production and the movie received a new postponed release date set to hit the cinemas on November 8, 2024.  Yesterday it was announced that the last movie in the ‘Venom’ franchise will be titled ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ and it’s coming to the theaters sooner than expected as the release date has been shifted from November 8, 2024, to October 5, 2024.

Now if rumors are to be believed ‘Venom 3’ might be the last title in Venom’s standalone franchise but it’s not the end of Venom. According to Daniel Richtman, notable scooper, and leaker Sony plans to use Venom in other projects, and Kevin Feige has plans to use him in ‘Secret Wars,’ one of the major crossover movies that fans are eagerly expecting but little is known about it.

This isn’t as surprising since when it comes to SSU, Venom is one of the best-received characters and has by far the most successful franchise within the cinematic universe.

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